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30 January 2020

Explosion proof lighting from Coast

Equipment protect level: CL I, II & III, DIV 1, GP A-G T3 CL I, ZN 0, Ex&AEx ia IIC T3 Ga


Coast adds explosion proof lighting to the range. Where previously Energizer, Peli, Petzl and Mica were the main players, the American Coast is now entering the market with 2 strong ATEX-certified products: a headlamp (LCOAHZ025) and a torch (LCOAHZ050). Both are suitable for the highest danger zones (Zone 0), IP64, have enormous light output compared to their competitors and are still competitively priced.


What is particularly striking about the torch are the 5 different light options and an impressive light output of 190 lumens. There is also a handy magnet on the belt clip which makes it easy to mount the torch. The headlamp (HZ025) also has a substantial light output (236 lumens) and has 6 different light options including spotlight, floodlight and red light. These Coast lamps are ideal for the professional who needs an ATEX-certified lamp without sacrificing performance. Do you want to read more about ATEX lighting? Then click on the button below.


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