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Every day we lighten the workload of our customers by thinking with them and offering excellent service. With top brands in our warehouse and three of own production locations, a solution is always within reach. In Construction, Industry, OEM, Defence, Rail and Emergency Services, people trust and rely on our experience and expertise.

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We sell all different types of industrial batteries, explore the possibilities.

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We sell all different types of professional lighting, explore the possibilities.

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Elfa 100 years

We are a family business with a rich history. Founded over a 100 years ago as a manufacturer of batteries and flat metal flashlights. Today, Elfa is a wholesale and bespoke assembly business with a worldwide network of specialized manufacturers and clients all over the world.







Energy storage system for Roompot

Case – Roompot

Custom work


To create a sustainable energy storage system for 85 vacation homes, without a historical usage profile, to store excess solar energy and manage peak loads.



Elfa implemented a modular lithium-ion energy storage system with a capacity of 264 kWh, tailored to the needs of Roompot. This system ensures a reliable and sustainable energy supply, minimizes maintenance, extends lifespan, and reduces operational costs and CO2 emissions.



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Pieter Schutte

Pieter Schutte


“Did you know, for instance, that a battery (just like people) performs best at room temperature (20°C)? For example, when you use a battery at 30°C instead of the aforementioned room temperature, its lifespan is reduced by as much as 20 percent.”


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