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Every day we lighten the workload of our customers by thinking with them and offering excellent service. With top brands in our warehouse and three of own production locations, a solution is always within reach. In Construction, Industry, OEM, Defence, Rail and Emergency Services, people trust and rely on our experience and expertise.

Industrial Batteries

We sell all different types of industrial batteries, explore the possibilities.

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Consumer Batteries

We sell all different types of consumer batteries, explore the possibilities.

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We sell all different types of professional lighting, explore the possibilities.

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Elfa 100 years

 We are a family business with a rich history. Founded over a 100 years ago as a manufacturer of batteries and flat metal flashlights. Today, Elfa is a wholesale and bespoke assembly business with a worldwide network of specialized manufacturers and clients all over the world.




Case – Gladius 3K

Custom Work


Poor night visibility at maintenance on British rail.


In collaboration with Setolite, Elfa have developed a new LED floodlight for a partner in the British Rail industry. The new portable floodlight has a high light output (33,000 lumens) but is easy on the eye due to its mixed colour LEDs and focussed lenses. Keep on reading.



Custom Work


‘We will have to be patient for the successors of lithium ion. This patience will be rewarded, however: the supercapacitor will last a million charging cycles easily.'

Dick Vleeskruijer

Industrial battery and power supply expert.


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