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In lighting, Elfa has big brands such as Maglite, Coast, LedLenser, Petzl and Mica standard in stock. We do not present exhaustive lists, but you can expect this specialist to keep all renowned brands in stock.


For many years, Maglite has been the standard in the field of quality flashlights for professional users.


The American COAST flashlights are extremely high-quality. What other brand would give a 5-year guarantee without hesitation?


The German LedLenser is currently one of the pre-eminent producers of flashlights.


The professional flashlights of Peli are always state of the art and highly robust. In addition, Elfa of course also supplies the range of plastic suitcases of Peli.

If you are looking for professional mobile LED lighting, you often end up at the high-quality products of SETOlite.


Originally, Petzl is known for climbing gear. But today, Petzl produces headlights that are used by many more people apart from adventurers.


Mica supplies portable lighting solutions for demanding conditions, e.g. for use in explosion-hazardous environments.

The Fenix flashlights are leading in the world of LED flashlights. They have the highest quality LEDs and Fenix continues to innovate.


With LEDs light Pro, Shada offers high-quality lighting solutions for industry, trade and crafts.


As one of the world’s leading suppliers, Nissen develops innovative solutions for traffic safety.


With LED’s work, Shada offers high-quality mobile lighting solutions for industry.


Favour develops light solutions that make the work or hobby of users easier.

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