Anyone looking for professional mobile LED lighting soon finds themselves confronted with the high-quality products of SETOLITE. Elfa has included these products in its range.



SETOLITE: highly professional LED work lighting


The company SETOLITE Lichttechnik GmbH has been active in mobile lighting since 1995. In a short period of time, SETOLITE Lichttechnik has grown into a major player and a benchmark for quality. The products meet the highest civilian and military requirements and are DIN ISO tested and certified. The extremely durable fixtures from this German manufacturer are technologically and qualitatively so advanced that even extreme conditions do not affect their functionality. This has been proven in practice many times.


Overview of LED work lighting:




SETOLITE’s lighting products are widely used in areas where the demands on lighting are very high. Think for example of disaster relief. Elfa supplies both SETOLITE lamps that are connected to the mains and lamps that work with advanced lithium-ion technology (such as the Setolite 4000A X1 hand lamp) in which the SETOLITE engineers have succeeded in increasing the light output of a lamp while substantially reducing the charging time. A number of products will be explained in more detail.



SETOLITE’s ALDEBARAN® GLADIUS is a work light for professional use. This lamp works well in fog due to the use of 2 colors of LED. A 60° beam angle for the peripheral light, responsible for generating warm white light, and a 25° beam angle for the depth light, responsible for generating cold white light. In addition, the lamp can be used in environments where there is steam or smoke. Furthermore, the Glare-free XPECT2 LED lens optic significantly reduces scatter losses.


Aldebaran breedstraler Gladius

ALDEBARAN® GLADIUS 2K led series 100-240V 23.000Lm Cable Reel 10m




The ALDEBARAN® 360 GRAD FLEX 960 from SETOLITE is known for its efficiency. The model features 145000Lm at 960W and is infinitely dimmable. The wide beam opens like an umbrella and can be used on a tripod, although it can also be hung up. The wide beam is also flexible and safe on site thanks to the safe suspension loop and the vortex system.






The lamp also includes a built-in shockproof front screen and an adjustment system made of high quality, stainless steel and aluminum. The adjustment system is easy to use due to the pull-out locking pin. Due to the adjustability, there is no light pollution with this lighting solution.


The ALDEBARAN®360 GRAD FLEX can be assembled by just one person in two minutes.


  • Very compact and easy to use/li>
  • Very bright light that can be easily adjusted because of the locking pin system. For this reason there is no light pollution.
  • The angle of the lamp can be adjusted for optimal illumination
  • Fast assembly and disassembly without ‘cooling down’ phase
  • Available in 3 different cables:
    • Cable with plug only
    • Cable with plug and switch
    • Cable with plug, switch and dimmer function. Stepless and side-by-side control of the light output is possible through the DIM and SWITCH function. The SETO-CONNECT plug is compatible with every SETO-CONNECT lamp.





The ALDEBARAN® SMARTLINE RP LED SERIE lamp from SETOLITE is a powerful, non-rechargeable lamp for professional use. The lamp is made of high quality components such as anodised aluminium housing, reinforced PMMA glass and cold-resistant end caps. Multiple mounting, suspension and set-up options are available to maximize the use of the ALDEBARAN® SMARTLINE lamp.

  • Homogeneous light
  • Lightweight
  • Emergency lighting function
  • Ideal as tent lighting due to low weight and reduced construction height in contrast to conventional luminaires.
  • Integrated IP54 Schuko connection.



Aldebaran Smartline breedstraler






The XLD-2C is a professional worklight that has 9000 lumens at only 560 watts. XLD’ therefore stands for ‘Extreme Lighting Device’. Because of an integrated bracket, the lamp is suitable for fast and tool-free mast mounting. The lamp can also be hung up for use. The XLD-2C is equipped with a dimmer and switch and an exchangeable cable with Schuco plug. This model has an ‘IP68’ rating, which means that it is resistant to dust, dirt and sand. In addition, the lamp can function under water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 metres.


With eight high-power LED modules and the SETO XPECT LED lens system, 80,000 real lumens are achieved (‘real’ lumens refers to the actual measured light output quantities).




SETOLITE Aldebaran XLD-2C DIM 560W 90000Lm EUplug 8m repla.cable


  • Passive, wear-free cooling technology
  • Set up in seconds
  • Dimmable
  • Possibility of homogeneous illumination at close range
  • Available with 3 different cables:
    • Cable with plug only
    • Cable with plug and switch
    • Cable with plug, switch and dimmer function




Reach out to us!

Elfa can also apply SETOLITE products in customised solutions for the customer. Would you like advice on the use of SETOLITE work lights or torches, or assistance in selecting products from the range? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists will be happy to help you make the right choice.

Unfortunately, Elfa only supplies to business customers. Therefore, we kindly ask you to have your electrical installer contact us. This way, we can still assist you. Thank you for your understanding.

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