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Anyone looking for professional mobile LED lighting will easily find the high-quality products from Setolite. Elfa has therefore included these products in its range.



Seto: very professional LED work lighting

The SETO Aldebaran lamps are widely used in places where the lighting requirements are very high. Consider, for example, disaster management. Elfa supplies both Seto lamps that are connected to the mains and lamps that work with advanced lithium-ion technology, whereby SETO engineers have succeeded in increasing the light output of this lamp while the charging time has been considerably reduced.


The SETOLITE Lichttechnik GmbH company has been active in mobile lighting since 1995. In a short time the SETOLITE Lichttechnik company was able to grow into a major player and a benchmark for quality. The products meet the highest civilian and military requirements and are DIN ISO tested and certified. The extremely durable luminaires from this German manufacturer are so technically and qualitatively advanced that even extreme conditions do not affect functionality. Practice has often proved this in the meantime.


For use in environments with potentially explosive atmospheres, Elfa also offers a wide range of EX-protected luminaires in various versions of the SETO brand. In addition, Elfa has also shown that it can apply SETO in customized solutions for the customer. If you would like advice on the use of the SETO worklight or flashlights or are supported with a selection from the range, do not hesitate to contact Elfa specialists. They know the complete SETO range like no other and are also able to compare the SETOlite lamps with other offerings.


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