Elfa has 100 years of experience and expertise in supplying custom solutions. At Elfa you can always count on the highest quality. Our ISO certification underlines this, but more important still: our clients say this.

KLM: ‘Benefit jointly’

The partnership with KLM has a long history. From as early as 1948 Elfa has delivered batteries and lighting to the Netherlands’ largest airline. Equipment planner René Wansink: ‘With Elfa you get an excellent combination of high-quality products and honest cooperation. I especially appreciate the openness in both possibilities and impossibilities. In addition, the knowledge of Elfa is unmatched. They knows exactly what product must be used and at highly favourable conditions. And this in turn becomes visible in our own conditions. I see this partnership as a good example of how companies can benefit jointly’.


Ministry of Defence: ‘We need Elfa’

For the Ministry of Defence Elfa is a good sparring partner when it comes to good advice about batteries, lighting and power supply. Kees de Wit, senior employee Material logistics Land Command: ‘Various divisions within the army use batteries for various uses. The partnership with Elfa is pleasant and we always get honest advice. That might also be a solution that we had not envisioned ourselves but that in their opinion is really the best answer to the question. Elfa plays an important part in our joint challenge to develop a safe Lithium battery for our soldiers. Their extensive knowledge in the field of batteries is exactly what we need’.


Technische Unie: ‘Elfa acts to our wishes’

Technische Unie is the largest technical wholesale business in the Netherlands. For over 20 years this specialist has ordered flashlights and headlights, primary and secondary batteries from Elfa. As purchase product manager, Elly Hofland has frequent contacts with Elfa: ‘What strikes me most is Elfa’s punctuality. Technische Unie has a number of specific wishes, including a fixed delivery day or the supply of data through a specific template. These kind of requests are never a problem for Elfa. In addition, we are actively informed of novelties, and Elfa participates in our marketing activities. They regularly have attractive offers that we include as special promotion’.


Tata Steel: “Collaboration with a history”

Henk Talsma, Senior Purchaser Electrical & Instrumentation at Tata Steel, was not a purchaser by a long shot at, was then called, Koninklijke Hoogovens, when he saw Pieter Schutte accompanying his father delivering the orders in IJmuiden. Talsma: ‘This is how long our relationship dates back. And still, Elfa is the regular supplier of among other things, our inspection lighting. The reason we do business with each other has never changed through the years: Elfa supplies professional products and combines them with high-quality service. We have always been glad about that and of course, still are’.


Of course, Elfa has more references in many more specific branches. If you are looking for references that are relevant to your market or problems, please contact us.



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