Batteries are essential for the continuity of our daily operations. Choosing the right battery is equivalent to laying a solid foundation for your equipment. Power, capacity and lifespan are important features to consider here, tailored of course to your specific needs.




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As a renowned specialist in energy solutions, Elfa has developed from a battery manufacturer to a leading importer of a comprehensive range of high-quality batteries. With over 100 years of experience, we ensure that Elfa has a suitable solution for every energy need.


Our battery range is diverse. Each battery type has properties that are ideal for a specific application. This allows us to meet the diverse requirements of our customers. Elfa has different variants, such as lead-acid batteries and saltwater batteries of various brands. These include Yuasa, Fiamm, Mastervolt and Sonnenschein.


A number of battery variants will be explained further.

Lead batteries, the mainstay in energy solutions

In the world of professional energy solutions, lead-acid batteries occupy a prominent place. These batteries are known for their impressive energy density and long service life, a result of the combination of sulphuric acid and lead oxide within their electrolyte.


The robust nature of lead-acid batteries makes them ideally suited to industrial applications where a reliable power supply is indispensable. They are therefore used in a variety of industries, including data centres, security systems and smart energy grids (Smart Grids).


Lead acid batteries are available in VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) and SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) versions from top brands such as FIAMM and Yuasa. These batteries feature a solid electrolyte and are known for their maintenance-free nature, safety and durability, thanks to their sealed housing with self-closing valves.


Within this range, we offer two technological applications to immobilise the electrolyte: the Gel and AGM techniques, each of which has unique properties regarding the electrolyte and separator.


Yuasa lead-acid battery


VRLA lead-acid battery from Yuasa


An example of quality lead-acid batteries are Yuasa’s VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead-Acid) batteries. Equipped with lead calcium grids, these advanced batteries are designed for a significantly long service life and outstanding recovery after deep discharges. Thanks to the low discharge rate, they remain reliable for a long time, while the AGM technology ensures safe use without free electrolyte.


The high gas recombination efficiency makes these batteries extremely efficient. They are perfect for both floating and light cyclic use and can be installed in almost any position. Thanks to their application-specific design, Yuasa’s lead-acid batteries are ideal for applications such as fire and security systems, emergency lighting, UPS systems and renewable energy solutions such as solar and wind power.



PBQ gel lead acid battery


PBQ G40-12 Gel Lead battery


In addition to Yuasa’s AGM batteries, we also offer gel batteries, including the PBQ G40-12 Gel Lead battery. It is specially designed for cyclic use in demanding conditions and, thanks to its advanced gel technology, offers extra stability under shock. A characteristic of this VRLA type is the high viscosity of the gel, which ensures that the lead plates remain firmly in place, making use safer.

Durable and safe: The power of Sodium-ion saltwater batteries

The Sodium-ion saltwater battery is known as the world’s first truly safe and sustainable battery, perfect for solar energy storage systems. This sealed electrochemical energy storage system uses a special saltwater electrolyte.


Sodium-ion saltwater battery


Sodium-ion saltwater battery


This battery type requires no maintenance and is specially designed for daily intensive discharge. They are robust and abuse-resistant, operate within a wide temperature spectrum, tolerate partial charges without loss of quality and are easy to configure and install. Sodium-ion saltwater batteries are specifically optimised for long-term discharge, with cycles ranging from 4 to 20 hours.


AIB™ saltwater batteries use a safe electrolyte – namely salt water. These fully sealed batteries are maintenance-free, self-balancing and require no additional charge for balance or a battery management system (BMS).


These types of batteries are ideally suited for emergency power supplies and peak load reduction, among others, in various markets and applications, such as:

  • Microgrids;
  • Commercial and industrial;
  • Telecom;
  • Green architecture;
  • Street and ambient lighting;
  • Large-scale utilities.


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