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Battery packs

Elfa can give a fitting answer to any question by offering a combination of a core range supplemented with its own production and assembly. We supply brand-independent, any battery packs, completely and exactly geared to the voltage, capacity and dimensions you desire. In large but also, small quantities, even only a couple of items. We either have it in stock, or we can produce it.


Batterij packs op maat

At Elfa we make exactly what the customer needs


Custom battery packs

With custom battery packs we want to respond specifically to customer demand. It may be that the range of batteries from the different brands in our range does not perfectly match your demand. An appropriate solution is needed, and we can offer it. At Elfa we produce "custom made" batteries for a specific application in your company. Details like dimensions and voltage are produced the way you want it. Elfa has been working closely with the best manufacturers in the world for years and can produce battery packs with batteries from Saft, Tadiran, Panasonic and Varta amongst others.


Batterij packs van verschillende merken



Our own production facilities

In our own assembly deprtment in Lijnden we make battery packs according to strict procedures and safety regulations. Hundreds of packs are made here every week. In order to guarantee the necessary capacity, Elfa has more than one production location. In addition, we have various partnerships with multiple battery manufacturers across Europe. As a result, we always have sufficient capacity, no order is too large.


ISO 9001 certificering                 ISO 14001 certificering


Download ISO 9001                    Download ISO 14001


Elfa is certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001



In addition, Elfa has a partnership with a number of the world’s largest battery pack manufacturers. These are all ISO certified and also carefully audited and inspected. Together, we provide professional solutions to ship chandlers, electro-technical wholesale businesses, OEMs, the Ministry of Defence, the Fire department, Police, professional end users, rail industry and medical industry, among others.


Klanten van Elfa



Custom work for the NS

We have successfully implemented various custom solutions for multiple customers. Amongst others, have successfully completed a nice job for NS. We have renewed the stop sign post together with Machinefabriek Bosserveld and NedTrain. In addition, the lighting has been adjusted so that the sign post reacts less sensitively to rain and snow. It can now also be loaded more easily. For this case, an LED luminaire with Li-on cells was chosen, which can be charged with a USB cable. This tailor-made solution has resulted in a stop sign post 2.0. Click here for the full stoy.


Oplossing voor NS

A new stop sign post for NS


Your very own battery pack

We produce battery packs very effectively. You will receive a quick and clear answer to every question you submit to us, in written down to the smallest technical details. We can draw on decades of experience and choose the best solution for you. After all, practice concludes that such a down-to-earth approach automatically provides the best balance between quality and cost-efficiency. Your interests are our top priority. Do you have an application where standard batteries falls short? Read below how you can easily request your own battery pack through our 3-step plan or contact us if you need help.




Collect data: the 3-step plan

To request your own custom battery pack we use a simple 3 step-plan. Read below information on the steps and download the 3-step plan containing a detailed explanation of all three steps.


The 3-step plan


Step 1. Send a sample pack

To make the process as simple and fast as possible, we would like to receive a sample of the pack that you want. Our customers often have a battery pack of which they want to order several new or replacement ones. If you can send us one sample pack, this will speed up the process and give us the opportunity to recreate the pack as precisely as possible (for example for the connector or dimensions).

Before sending the sample pack, please report your request via: [email protected]. With this request you mention the following details:

  • Name contact person
  • Telephone number
  • Your reference
  • Number of packs requested

Then send us the sample pack with your reference to Elfa. Steps 2 and 3 then no longer need to be completed.


Step 2: Photos and specifications

If it is not possible to send us a sample pack, we would like to receive 3 photos of the battery pack, 3 photos of the connector and 3 specifications. See the sample photos in the appendix. Please have at least one photo where the label is clearly legible. Then send the photos, specifications and data of the applicant (see attachment) to [email protected]. Step 3 then no longer need to be completed.


Step 3: Fill in all the specifications

If option 1 & 2 are both not possible, fill in all the information about the contact person and the required battery pack and send the completed document to [email protected]. Do you have any questions about this? Get in touch with us through email or phone.


Bekijk onderstaande video voor een impressie van onze assemblage afdeling, waar bij de batterijpacks op maat maken:





More info on custom battery packs

Heeft u verder nog vragen of wilt u meer informatie over onze battery packs? Neem dan contact met ons op! Wij staan graag voor u klaar en beantwoorden al uw vragen. Het eenvoudigste is om onderstaand contactformulier in te vullen. Wij nemen zo snel mogelijk contact met u op. U kunt ons overigens ook per mail bereiken.


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