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How can primary batteries achieve their expected lifetime?

4 August 2020 

Primary batteries play an important role for IoT applications. Designed for longevity, they have a high-energy capacity and are often used in standalone applications where charging is impractical or impossible, such as smart meters, animals or assets tracking devices, parking availability, environment monitoring or health devices.

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Batterijen vervangen in de ruimte

1 July 2020 

Op 26 juni hebben twee astronauten van Nasa een ruimtewandeling gemaakt om oude nikkel-waterstof batterijen te vervangen voor nieuwe lithium-ion batterijen. De nieuwe lithium-ion batterijen zijn lichter en kleiner dan de oude batterijen en bovendien hebben ze meer stroomcapaciteit. Read more

Alternative for the battery: hydrogen!

26 July 2019 

Elfa lives on batteries and has had over 100 year of expertise in the field of batteries. Still, it is not blind to other developments. We think that the battery for small-scale use will continue playing an important role. But where batteries will move cars, or, bigger still, supply power to houses and companies, we expect that the role of the battery will become small in the decades to come. After all, hydrogen offers a better alternative. Read more

Energy agreement requires batteries

26 July 2019 

Thanks to the energy agreement, the convenience of energy from gas and coal will be behind us in the future. We will have to use energy in a completely different way. By 2030, the amount of green electricity produced from nature in the Netherlands must have quintupled. This requires hundreds of additional windmills, and millions of solar panels will be installed. Read more

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