Lead battery

The lead battery was invented as early as 1859, but still is the most used rechargeable battery. This is probably due to the fact that lead batteries have many benefits. Think of the simple construction, the relatively low price and the fact that thanks to a high electric current they can supply high power.


In brief

In many advices given by Elfa, the lead-acid battery still emerges as the best choice. Elfa supplies lead-acid batteries for telecommunications, data centres and security systems, but also, for example, to the railways, defence, energy and distribution plants and Smart Grids.


Various types

Elfa supplies VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) or SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery of FIAMM, among others. These batteries are characterised by a fixed electrolyte. We know two technologies for immobilising the electrolyte: Gel and AGM. Both technologies involve a sealed casing with self-closing valves. This produces a maintenance-free, safe and also durable battery. Both types have a considerable difference in the electrolyte and the separator used.


AGM battery

The AGM (Absorbing Glass Material) battery is a technology where the acid is locked in glass fiber which gives a result similar to the gel battery. The battery acid is no longer liquid, but has a solid form. This means the battery never needs to be refilled, it is gas tight, leak free and can be used in any direction. The internal resistance of AGM batteries is low and they can deliver a high voltage. They are also quite resistant to high and low temperatures, have little self-discharge and last many cycles.


FIAMM lead-acid battery



Fiamm Pb battery 12V 9Ah High Rate L151 B65 H94 faston6,3


This lead-acid battery from Fiamm can deliver maximum performance in demanding applications. Think about UPS systems, emergency lighting and traction applications. The Fiamm battery can be deeply discharged if necessary.



Gel battery

In a gel battery a silicon compound is added to the battery acid. As a result, the electrolyte changes into a gel and the battery can no longer leak. Oxygen gas makes channels in the gel I these batteries , from the positive to the negative plate. It thus comes into contact with the oxygen gas and recombines to water. Gel batteries have an excellent capacity and are highly resistant to excessive discharge.


Gel accu van Mastervolt

Mastervolt Pb battery 12V 85Ah Gel tractie L330 B171 H214


At ELfa we have several types of gel batteries available. This type of battery from Mastervolt is a rechargeable lead battery made from high-quality materials. It is ideal for professional use in places where electricity cannot be generated or received in the conventional manner. It is often used in emergency power systems, forklift trucks and alarm systems.



Difference between gel and AGM is important

Both gel and ACM batteries are so-called recombination batteries. Elfa sees that both terms used inaccurately and confused. AGM batteries, which did not come onto the market until 20 years after the gel battery, are sometimes erroneously also called gel batteries. This is a problem for safe and ling-lasting operation of the batteries. As a matter of fact, AGM and Gel put very different demands on both charging voltage and temperature.


Upsides of a gel battery

  • Relatively low price
  • Little self-discharge
  • Deep discharge possible
  • Many cycles
  • Maintenance-free and closed
  • Environment-friendly thanks to recyclability


Downsides of the gel battery

  • Puts demands on charger
  • Adjust charging voltage at high temperatures
  • Has light overpressure internally
  • Sensitive to deep discharge


Upsides of the AGM battery

  • Little self-discharge
  • Many cycles
  • Fully maintenance-free
  • Dischargeable up to 80%
  • To be mounted in any position (except upside down)
  • Environment-friendly thanks to recyclability


Downsides of AGM battery

  • Performs poorly with heat
  • Heavy




More information about a lead-acid battery?


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