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Does the height of the capacity determine the useful life?

Yes. The higher the capacity, the longer the battery will last. The capacity is expressed in Ampère hour (Ah) or milli-Ampère hour (mAh). In most cases, you can read on the battery itself and on the packaging how high the capacity of a battery is. So for the application equipment more capacity will allow a longer useful life. It is therefore not harmful to use bigger batteries but it is harmful to use other voltages than indicated.

How does a battery work?

A battery is a cell that can pass electrical energy through internal chemical reactions. The cell consists of a plus and a minus pole separated by a layer of electrolyte. The negative pole is brought into contact with the positive pole through the device into which the battery is put, thus releasing electricity.

What does internal resistance mean for a battery?

Certain (chemical) systems can handle energy flows more easily than others. Apart from voltage (volt), the internal resistance (Ohm) of the battery is also important. Battery types with low internal resistance Nickle Cadmium, Nickle Hydride, alkaline, Lithium photo and mercuric oxide. Lithium, zinc-air, silver oxide and zinc carbon.

What does mAh mean exactly?

The capacity and thus useful life of a battery depends on the current, expressed in thousandths of Ampère, or milli-Ampère (mA) multiplied by the number of hours (the h of ‘hours’) that the battery can provide power.

How do you recognise formats of batteries?

Formats have a name and can also have a code. The names are more or less the same in all countries, though other terms may be used popularly. The codes are different everywhere, e.g. the international IEC code and the American code. Also, each brands often uses its own codes. This often makes it difficult to recognise the codes on packaging. Still, the IEC code is the most common. In the IEC code, the battery types can be recognised by the letters. For instance, Alkaline is called LR, zinc carbon batteries have an R as first letter.

IEC-code Amerik. Code Naam Volksmond Afmetingen
(L)R3 AAA Micro Mini-penlite, potlood 10,5x44,5
(L)R6 AA Mignon Penlite 14,5x50,5
(L)R14 C Baby Engelse staaf 26,2x50
(L)R20 D Mono Grote staaf, mono 34,5x61,5
6(L)R61/6F22 E 9 Volt E-blokje 26,5x17,5x48
3(L)R12 - Normal platte batterij, 4,5V 26x22x67

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