Custom Lighting

For over one hundred years Elfa has specialised in batteries and lighting. Elfa knows like no other: working safely requires good lighting. Elfa has a huge supply of work lights, flashlights, inspection lights and headlights. Still, a standard lamp may not be the ideal solution for a certain use; in that case Elfa will provide a custom solution together with the client.




The possibilities are limitless

With a history of over one hundred years, the Elfa family business has extensive expertise and experience. The options in custom lighting are therefore limitless.


Are you looking for a flashlight with a specific light intensity? We will gear our mobile and portable lighting perfectly to your type of use.


Light modes
From a simple on/off mode to a strobe function or a lamp with High, Mid and Low output. We at Elfa get excited about challenges.


Colour of the casing

Does your custom lighting have to have a specific colour? The options are different for each brand and type of product. The casing comes in the colours: black, red, blue, green and orange and more.


Rechargeable or non-rechargeable
No power available at your work location? No problem with a rechargeable lamp.


Together, Elfa and KLM developed the perfect flashlight together: the LedLenser M7R-KLM.

For KLM Elfa joined forces with LedLenser to make a special customised flashlight. The flashlight is executed in a conspicuous orange colour so it is easily found in dark places. It also has a different light colour (Kelvin value) to distinguish between various liquids and read the small letters more easily when carrying out inspections.



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