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The American Coast flashlights are very high in quality. What other brand will give a 5-year guarantee without hesitation? And what other brand supplies its lamps standard with so many accessories?



Unmatched quality at very sharp prices

Since a couple of years, Elfa has added the Coasty lamps to its already wide range, as they are an addition to the existing supply. COAST Products is a 98-year old family business producing LED lamps, flashlights and headlights, knives and multitools for professionals and outdoor people. COAST produces innovative, technologically high-quality products that make life easier, safer and more fun.


It is no surprise that in recent years COAST Portland has grown into the world’s largest flashlight brand in volume. It is remarkable that until five years ago, the lamps were hardly available in the Netherlands and Belgium. This has changed since Elfa Elementenfabriek has taken up the distribution of COAST. The products of COAST can compete with the other large brands that Elfa supplies. The only real difference is in the price, which is considerably lower than the other A brands. Meanwhile, the quality is so good that Elfa and COAST give a five-year guarantee on the products. That is a unique combination.


Elfa supplies COAST’s complete range: the (rechargeable) flashlights, the inspection lamps, headlights and also multitools and knives. The products of COAST are ideal for all professionals in safety and rescue services, but also for, for instance, hunters and the army. All flashlights of COAST have long-lasting high-quality LEDs and are economical in consumption. Most models work with simple AA or AAA batteries. In addition, there is a wide range of rechargeable flashlights.

The most impressive characteristic of COAST products is the quality and purity of the light beam that is produced by their patented ‘Pure Beam’ focus optics, which produces an extremely pure, white beam without shadows or imperfections. The COAST flashlights with this function offer long-distance beams in ‘Spot Mode’ with a clear core and a wider peripheral beam, resulting in a wider light area. With use in ‘Flood Mode’ the beam is approximately double of those of the most prominent brands, with a consistency and purity that is truly amazing.


De COAST-zaklampen met deze functie bieden lange-afstandsstralen in ‘Spot Mode’ met een heldere kern en een brede perifere straal, wat resulteert in een groter lichtgebied. Bij gebruik in ‘Flood Mode’ is de bundel ongeveer het dubbele van die van de meeste toonaangevende merken, met een consistentie en zuiverheid die werkelijk verrassend is.


COAST Portland is one of the flashlight and headlight brands supplied by Elfa. To make the right choice from our wide range, our experienced employees will gladly give you expert and reliable advice. This way, you will be ensured of the right battery from Elfa’s supply. Do not hesitate and contact us for more information or a quotation.


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