Elfa supplies the Ledlenser flashlights and headlamps from stock. The German Ledlenser is currently one of the leading producers of flashlights. Ledlenser’s lighting experts have provided quality and innovation since the company was founded in 1994. The brand guarantees the highest quality and functionality.



How it all started

Ledlenser has a humble beginning, as is the case with most revolutionary products. Harald and Rainer Opolka started in their garage in 1993. Since then, they have grown into an international producer of pocket and head lamps known for unique innovations, environmentally friendly technologies and award-winning design. In addition, Ledlenser is part of the Leatherman Group, a provider of American multi-tools. The German flashlights from Ledlenser are a nice addition to this offer.


Ledlenser lamps

The different series contain flashlights for various purposes. Elfa gladly advises you in finding the right LED flashlight for the right application. The various LED Lenser models make use of the so-called ‘Advanced Focus System’, which makes it easy to switch between a focused beam over a large distance or a more circular beam for use close by.


Worldwide the Ledlenser pocket- and headlamps are used by police, military and emergency services. But also security personnel and inspectors appreciate the Ledlenser products enormously for their design, reliability and light output. Ledlenser flashlights are particularly solid, compact flashlights with a lot of light output. One of our most sold models is the LedLenser M7R.2 flashlight 400Lm rechargeable dimmable inc.1xLi-ion.



Ledlenser lamp


One of the most sold LedLenser lamps from our assortment


This LedLenser flashlight is made of high quality material and features a powerful LED bulb, is good in the hand and is also rechargeable (Li-ion). The LedLenser M7R.2 is ideal for professional use.
Ledlenser zaklamp bij Elfa



The Ledlenser P17.2 is a powerful flashlight which is very economical.


Yet another type of flashlight is the P17 1000Lm inc.3xD. This model is larger than the above mentioned M7R.2. In addition, the P17 is very economical, as it can last up to 300 hours on 3 D-cell batteries on an economy mode. The light can shine up to 420 meters.



Ledlenser headlamp


Ledlenser hoofdlamp

LedLenser H7R.2 LED 300Lm 6hour headlamp inc.1xLipo blister


The Ledlenser headlamps have the same quality as we are used to from the flashlights. The LedLenser H 7R.2 Series is just like the flashlight rechargeable and equipped with a strong lamp which is also economical in battery use. With a dimmed light, the burn time is approximately 6 hours. Because of the high quality materials, this headlamp is perfect for outdoor or workshop use.

Professional penlight


Ledlenser penlamp


ledlenser penlight p4bm 18Lm inc.2xAAA


This penlight is the ideal solution for professionals who always want to carry an inspection light with them. The model shown above is a real lightweight and features a focusable inspection lamp. On 2 AAA batteries, the Ledlenser penlight lasts an average of 9 hours.


High Quality

Ledlenser is known for its innovative lenses and advanced batteries. The company works tirelessly to further increase its technological lead. Ledlenser already has more than 100 patents and there seems to be no end in sight.


The Ledlenser flashlights are characterized by the use of the highest quality LEDs. The company was one of the first to use LEDs in flashlights and headlamps and has thus taken a lead. This gives the lamps an incredible light output, combined with the favourable energy consumption of LED lighting. Ledlenser also knows with a number of patented techniques to get the most out of the LED lights. On all products of this brand Elfa can give a 5 year warranty.

Why Elfa?

Elfa has over 100 years of experience in the field of lighting products for the business market. Over the years we have become experts in the field, and we will always provide you with an honest and well-founded advice. We have been able to implement solutions for the following companies, among others:


Klanten van Elfa


You can also watch the company video below for an impression of Elfa.



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Ledlenser is highly recommended if you are looking for professional lighting of high quality. For a complete overview of all our Ledlenser products, click on the button below.




In order to make the right choice from the huge selection, our experienced staff will be happy to provide you with expert and reliable advice. We also have lamps from Coast, which may be of more interest to you. Please contact us and we will help you make the right choice. The easiest way is to fill in the contact form below. We will be happy to answer all your questions.


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