Maglite torch

The Maglite torch has been the standard in the field of quality torches for the professional user for years. The Maglite torch is made of solid aircraft aluminum and is weather and shock resistant. This Maglite torch is of course also available as a LED torch.


The Professional Maglite torch

The Maglite zaklamp offers American quality and is produced on the basis of over 20 years of R&D. Elfa Elementenfabriek has been supplying Maglite products to professional users for many years. It is one of the most famous flashlights used by police and emergency response teams. The Maglite torches are fully sealed with rubber o-rings and the torches have a self-cleaning switch. The lamps come standard with a spare lamp in the battery compartment. They are extremely robust and are very durable due to the high technology. The Maglite torches are still made entirely in the USA. The company has resisted the temptation of outsourcing to low-wage countries because, like Elfa, it focuses entirely on quality.


A wide variety

The range of the American lamp manufacturer consists of different types. One of the smaller models is the MagTac  flashlight. This Maglite flashlight fits well in your hand and is easy to carry in your pocket. This model is weatherproof and shockproof.

The Maglite MagTac
Maglite torch LED ML150LR rechargeable inc.1xLiFePO4 box

A model that is ideal for professional use is the Maglite torch LED ML150LR rechargeable. This lamp is made of aircraft aluminum, a high quality material. This makes them weather and shock resistant. The burn time is very long and the lamp can not be recharged.
Maglite zaklamp van Elfa

The LED ML100 inc.3xC blister


Another popular model is the LED ML100 inc.3xC blister. This flashlight features a powerful LED bulb and is made of high quality aircraft aluminum. This high quality material also makes this Maglite flashlight weatherproof and shockproof.

Batterij voor maglite lampen


Maglite Magtac LiFePO4 Battery


Besides the Maglite flashlights, there are also batteries that have the same high quality as the flashlights. The LiFePo4 battery above is rechargeable, durable and has a long life. Moreover, this battery lithium iron phosphate is a lot more stable than a Li-ion battery.


History of Maglite

The products of Maglite are made since 1979 by the American company ‘Mag Instrument’. The founder (Mr. Maglic) began to make precision instruments for industry, space travel, and the military in a garage with a lathe he had saved up. The reputation of Mag Instrument was very good and the company grew rapidly. The idea of making professional quality flashlights was born. These became extremely popular with professional users such as the police, fire brigade and mechanics, who used the torch for their work. They became the ambassadors for the brand. Thus, the models of Maglite became the most famous and best-selling flashlights.


Free advice

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