NiMH battery and accumulator (Nickel Metal Hydride)

A NiMH battery, which stands for Nickel Metal Hydride battery, is a rechargeable battery widely used in various electronic devices. It is an improved version compared to the older Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) batteries. NiMH batteries have a higher capacity, meaning they can store more energy. Additionally, they are less susceptible to the memory effect and are more environmentally friendly as they do not contain heavy metals.



Little maintenance

NiMH batteries (Nickel Metal Hydride batteries) are not significantly affected by the ‘memory effect’. This makes them very easy to maintain and requires almost no special care. Additionally, NiMH batteries are environmentally friendly as they do not contain heavy metals. These are some significant advantages of NiMH batteries compared to, for example, NiCD batteries. Furthermore, NiMH batteries are known for their longer lifespan, rechargeability, and broad applicability in various devices, making them a popular choice.


Examples of NiMH batteries

Elfa has a wide range of batteries in stock that might be of interest to you. Elfa offers a broad selection of AA NiMH rechargeable batteries and AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries from brands such as Varta, GP, and Duracell. A recommended option is the Varta Recharge Accu Power 2600mAh AA Blister 4 1.2V. This rechargeable NiMH battery from Varta is efficient, made of high-quality materials, and represents an environmentally conscious choice.

Varta NiMH AA battery


Furthermore, we have NiMH batteries from GP Batteries. A good example is the GP NiMH batt ReCyko+ AAA 850mAh carton. This type of battery is commonly used in consumer products and is an environmentally conscious choice.


GP AAA NiMH battery


In addition, we offer NiMH batteries from Duracell, such as the Duracell RCR Ultra NiMH batt AA 1.2V 2500mAh. This battery is ideal for professional use.

Duracell AA NiMH battery


Of course, you can view the entire range of NiMH batteries in our shop.


NiMH battery assortment



Advantages of nickel metal hydride batteries

  • 30-40% higher capacity as compared to the standard NiCd.
  • Less sensitive to the memory effect than the NiCd.
  • Simple storage and transport – transport conditions are not subject to legal audit.
  • Environment-friendly – only contains mild toxic substances.
  • Profitable for recycling.


Disadvantages of nickel metal hydride batteries

  • Limited lifespan – if repeatedly deeply discharged, performance deteriorates after 200 to 300 cycles.
  • Limited discharge current – although a nickel metal hydride battery is capable of delivering high discharge currents, repeated discharge with high load currents reduces the battery’s life.
  • Complex charging algorithm required.
  • More heat during charging and a longer charging time than the NiCd.
  • High maintenance – battery requires regular full discharge to prevent crystalline formation.
  • About 20% more expensive than NiCd.

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Custom battery pack

At Elfa, we have the capability to produce custom-made NiMH battery packs, such as those from the Panasonic brand. In our in-house assembly department, we manufacture battery packs that meet the specific requirements of our customers. We adjust the dimensions, voltage, capacity, connector, and sealing based on your preferences and requirements. You can rely on battery packs that are fully tailored to your needs and specifications.



Would you like to request a customised NiMH battery pack? Then feel free to contact us by filling in the form.


Request custom NiMH battery pack



Comparison with Li-ion

Nickel-metal hydride batteries have some disadvantages compared to lithium-ion batteries. For instance, NiMH batteries need to be discharged once every two months, while this is not necessary for Li-ion batteries.


Additionally, Li-ion batteries require no maintenance, have no memory effect, experience less self-discharge, and are slightly more compact due to their higher energy density. These batteries also have a lifespan of approximately 500 cycles. It’s important to note that Li-ion batteries are more sensitive to heat.


We would like to advise you on making the right battery choice. We have the knowledge and experience for this in-house.


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