Petzl was originally known for climbing tools. This has made the French company big. But the experience gained during founder Fernand Petzl’s exploration of caves and mountains has quickly been used to produce outstanding headlamps that are no longer used solely by adventurers.



Petzl: the first headlamps

Workers who like to keep both hands free have also discovered Petzl’s wide range. Elfa offers headlamps from various brands, of which Petzl is an important one. Petzl headlamps were the first headlamps on the market.


Since that time they have been in constant evolution for more than 30 years. New technologies have enabled Petzl to design headlamps that are becoming more powerful, more economical, more compact, lighter and more adapted to user needs. Since the 1980s, Petzl, which previously only produced climbing equipment, has started producing headlamps. Petzl has quickly become the most popular brand of headlamps in the world.


Elfa offers Petzl headlamps in various designs. Both rechargeable and non-rechargeable. Because Elfa offers headlamps from at least three different brands, it can advise you very well and brand-independent. In addition, Elfa can also use the Petzl lamps within a customized solution. For example, by making it applicable to a helmet. Please contact Elfa specialists if you want to use headlamps professionally.


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