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Elfa Elementenfabriek is an official distributor of Saft and offers a wide range of lithium batteries, suitable for medical, metering, marine, offshore and security applications. You can also contact us for custom-made lithium packs. With its long life cycle, Saft has been providing innovative, safe and reliable energy in space, at sea, in the air and on land for almost 100 years. Saft is a wholly owned subsidiary of Total.



Saft worldwide

Saft is a battery maker like no other. Saft serves a wide range of market sectors, from aerospace, marine and rail to telecommunications, health and energy, and offers battery solutions for many different types of applications. Saft has approximately 4,300 employees and therefore has a huge amount of expertise.


Saft’s products can be found in every corner of the world and even in space. Saft supplies high-quality batteries and battery systems for the Arctic and Sahara regions, as well as for NASA vehicles and those of the European Space Agency. Saft guarantees a minimum of maintenance and an enormously long service life. Even applications in difficult conditions or at extreme temperatures (up to 150°C) are child’s play for Saft.



Saft lithium batterij


One of the many Saft batteries


Saft battery types

Elfa Elementenfabriek has worked with Saft for almost thirty years. The company has its head office and factory in France and also has factories in England, America and China.


Saft can be called the expert in the lithium field, with more than 40 years of experience and a very wide range of batteries for different markets. Since a few years Saft is also owner of Tadiran. Together, these two brands are the global market leader for 3.6 volt lithium batteries. Saft uses three different types of batteries. These are the nickel, primary lithium and rechargeable lithium (li-ion) batteries.


Nickel Batteries

The nickel batteries from Saft are known for their excellent performance in extreme temperatures, making them popular in the aviation industry. Additionally, they are used for trains, drilling platforms, and telecom towers.


Saft’s Compact nickel battery line is designed to improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs at industrial sites. These batteries, ideal for remote and challenging industrial locations, ensure the smooth operation of essential systems. They represent a direct upgrade from VRLA batteries, fitting into the same space and utilizing existing charging equipment.


With a lifespan of over 20 years, these Compact nickel batteries outperform VRLA batteries by at least three times. They are maintenance-free and can be installed in existing cabinets for lead-acid batteries, significantly increasing reliability and reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Compatible with standard valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery chargers, the Compact nickel battery systems simplify the transition to advanced nickel technology. Unlike typical nickel batteries that require a boost charge, Saft’s Compact Ni-Cd range requires a simple, one-step charging voltage of 1.39 volts per cell. This unique feature allows for a seamless replacement of existing VRLA batteries.


Compact nickel batteries from SaftCompact nickel batteries from Saft


The Compact nickel batteries, require no maintenance, are specially designed to support essential control systems and other critical equipment in hard-to-reach and remote locations such as:


  • Offshore oil and gas platforms;
  • Utilities;
  • Production facilities;
  • Along railways.


Approximately 30% lighter than VRLA batteries, Compact nickel batteries operate efficiently in a broad temperature range from -20 to +50°C and can withstand extreme temperatures from -50°C to +70°C.


The nickel electrochemistry in these batteries allows operators to achieve the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This is attributed to their long lifespan of over 20 years, consistent performance, and high reliability.


In comparison, lead-acid batteries are often more expensive in the long term due to frequent replacements and maintenance they require. They also necessitate regular testing and can be unreliable, with the possibility of ‘sudden death,’ where they might unexpectedly lose their capacity.


In contrast, the technology used in Compact nickel batteries guarantees a long, stable, and entirely predictable operational lifespan. This reliability enables operators to focus on managing their facilities without concerns about battery performance.


Primary lithium batteries

These batteries offer high energy and high power solutions. There are 3 variants of this type of battery: Li-SOCl2, Li-SO2, Li-MnO2. They are particularly interesting for applications that need to work for a long time and where replacement is difficult to achieve. A difficult to realize replacement is often also expensive. Since primary lithium batteries can perform for such a long time, they are especially interesting for gas, water and electricity meters.



At Elfa, we offer various Saft batteries for professional applications, including the Saft Lithium battery AA-basic 3.6V LS14500CFG 052. This AA lithium battery is utilized in medical, metering, marine, offshore, and security applications.


Saft Lithium battery AA-basic 3,6V LS14500CFG 052


Yet another battery model that is widely sold at Elfa is the Saft Lithium Thionyl Chloride (ThyChl) battery 3.6V LS14250CFG 1/2AA basic. This battery performs under extreme temperatures, ranging from -60°C to +85°C. Additionally, this battery exhibits excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion.



Saft Lithium ThyChl battery 3,6V LS14250CFG 1/2AA basic


Finally, we have the Saft Lithium Thionyl Chloride (ThyChl) battery D-basic 3.6V LSH20CFG. This Saft battery is easy to integrate into compact systems and has low self-discharge (less than 3% after 1 year of storage at 20°C). This battery is commonly used in military systems, GPS devices, alarms, and security systems, among other applications.


Saft Lithium ThyChl battery D-basic 3,6V LSH20CFG


The Li-SO2 batteries are developed to maintain a high and stable discharge voltage, ensuring consistent performance, a crucial factor for critical missions in military applications and automotive telematics.


The high pulse capacity enables the delivery of sudden energy spikes when needed, while the unique design ensures that performance is not affected by the orientation of the cell, allowing for flexible installation options.



LO 40 SX is an example of a Li-SO2 battery


Furthermore, Saft’s Li-SO2 batteries exhibit an impressively low self-discharge rate, losing less than 3% of their charge after one year at +20ºC. This characteristic ensures reliability over time and reduces the need for frequent replacements.


Although these batteries are categorized under limited transport (Class 9) due to their powerful energy capacity, Saft takes pride in their U.S. manufacturing, promising superior performance that supports local industry standards and the economy.


Li-MnO2 batteries feature high power and high pulse capacity, essential for devices that require sudden energy spikes. Users can expect a high voltage that remains stable throughout the application’s lifespan, even after prolonged periods of inactivity. This makes them exceptionally reliable and ready for use when needed.


Saft Li-MnO2 batterij

M 20 CV Primary Li-MnO2 cell, an example of a Li-MnO2 battery


One of the most critical features of these batteries is their low self-discharge rate. With less than 1% loss after one year of storage at +20°C, they are perfect for long-term applications where frequent battery replacements are not feasible. Although restricted for transport under Class 9 due to their powerful energy output, they boast German engineering, synonymous with precision and quality.


Typical applications of Li-MnO2 batteries span a wide spectrum, showcasing their versatility. From radiocommunication, utilities, alarm and security systems to Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs), Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs), tracking systems, and more – these batteries ensure consistent performance.

Rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries

Saft is at the forefront of innovation with its lithium-ion technologies. Concerning operational lifespan, Saft’s Li-ion technologies routinely surpass more than double the lifespan of cells from competitors under most conditions. This extended operational lifespan is maintained across a broad temperature range, far exceeding the capabilities of most commercial cells.


Saft’s Li-ion technologies are not only versatile in temperature but also in design. Available in both cylindrical and prismatic formats, these batteries can be adapted to a variety of applications.


Saft Li-ion accu

MP 144350 XLR is an example of a rechargeable Li-ion cell


Safety is no secondary consideration for Saft. All Saft Li-ion cells comply with UL and IEC standards and adhere to UN transport regulations. For military applications, the batteries meet European and American military standards. Additionally, the MP ise cells align with the IEC 60079-11 requirements for intrinsic safety.


The stainless steel casing and hermetic sealing ensure durability and maintenance-free use, eliminating concerns such as memory effect. With minimal capacity loss during storage, they are ideal for applications where long shelf life is crucial, such as in medical devices and military equipment.


The simplicity of connecting and assembling into battery configurations simplifies integration into various devices, from industrial equipment to the latest Internet of Things and wireless sensor networks.

A Saft custom battery pack

At Elfa, we always aim to provide the solution that the customer is looking for. An example of this is our custom battery packs.


It’s possible that you are looking for a battery for a specific application within your company, and the Saft batteries in our range may not completely meet your requirements.


Elfa provides a solution for this. We have our own assembly department at our headquarters in Amsterdam. Everything is tailor-made for you, considering dimensions, voltage, capacity, connector, and sealing.


Custom battery packs are not only available for Saft batteries but can also be created for brands such as Tadiran, Panasonic, and Varta.


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