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Elfa Elementenfabriek is an official distributor of Saft and offers a wide range of lithium batteries, suitable for medical, metering, marine, offshore and security applications. You can also contact us for custom-made lithium packs. With its long life cycle, Saft has been providing innovative, safe and reliable energy in space, at sea, in the air and on land for almost 100 years. Saft is a wholly owned subsidiary of Total.



Saft worldwide

Saft is a battery maker like no other. Saft serves a wide range of market sectors, from aerospace, marine and rail to telecommunications, health and energy, and offers battery solutions for many different types of applications. Saft has approximately 4,300 employees and therefore has a huge amount of expertise. Saft’s products can be found in every corner of the world and even in space . Saft supplies high-quality batteries and battery systems for the Arctic and Sahara regions, as well as for NASA vehicles and those of the European Space Agency. Saft guarantees a minimum of maintenance and an enormously long service life. Even applications in difficult conditions or at extreme temperatures (up to 150°C) are child’s play for Saft.



Saft lithium batterij


One of the many Saft batteries


Saft battery types

Elfa Elementenfabriek has worked with Saft for almost thirty years. The company has its head office and factory in France and also has factories in England, America and China. Saft can be called the expert in the lithium field, with more than 40 years of experience and a very wide range of batteries for different markets. Since a few years Saft is also owner of Tadiran. Together, these two brands are the global market leader for 3.6 volt lithium batteries.


Saft uses three different types of batteries. These are the nickel, primary lithium and rechargeable lithium (li-ion) batteries.


Nickel Batteries

Saft nickel batteries are known for their excellent performance in extreme temperatures. They are popular in the aviation industry. They are also used in trains, drilling rigs and telecom masts.


Primary lithium batteries

These batteries offer high energy and high power solutions. There are 3 variants of this type of battery: Li-SOCl2, Li-SO2, Li-MnO2. They are particularly interesting for applications that need to work for a long time and where replacement is difficult to achieve. A difficult to realize replacement is often also expensive. Since primary lithium batteries can perform for such a long time, they are especially interesting for gas, water and electricity meters.


Rechargeable lithium (li-ion) batteries

The most powerful li-ion batteries come from Saft. They are used for fighter jets and Formula 1 cars. This type of batteries can provide emergency power at -40°C.


A Saft battery pack made to measure

At Elfa, we always want to offer the solution the customer is looking for. An example of this is our custom battery packs.


There is a chance that the Saft batteries in our range do not quite meet your needs. You are looking for a suitable solution for a specific application in your company. Elfa offers this solution. Elfa has an own assembly department at the head office in Amsterdam . Everything is tailor-made for you. This includes requirements such as dimensions, voltage, capacity, connector and seal. The custom battery packs are not only available for batteries from Saft. They can also be made for brands such as Tadiran, Panasonic or Varta.

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Our bestsellers

Here are some of Saft’s best-selling batteries. Feel free to browse our shop for the full range of Saft batteries.


The Saft Lithium Battery AA base 3.6V LS14500CFG 052 below is one of many batteries from Saft, intended for professional applications. These include medical, metering, marine, offshore and security applications.


Saft Lithium batterij AA-basis 3,6V LS14500CFG 052

Saft Lithium battery AA base 3.6V LS14500CFG 052


Yet another battery model that is widely sold at Elfa is the Saft Lithium ThyChl battery 3.6V LS14250CFG 1/2AA base. This battery performs under extreme temperatures, from -60°C to +85°C. This battery also has an excellent resistance against atmospheric corrosion.



Saft Lithium ThyChl battery 3,6V LS14250CFG 1/2AA base


Saft Lithium ThyChl batt 3,6V LS14250CFG 1/2AA basic


Finally, we have the Saft Lithium ThyChl battery D-base 3.6V LSH20CFG. This Saft battery is easy to integrate into compact systems and has a low self-discharge (less than 3% after 1 year storage at 20°C). This battery is often used in military systems, GPS, alarms and security systems.


Saft Lithium ThyChl batterij D-basis 3,6V LSH20CFG

Saft Lithium ThyChl battery D-base 3.6V LSH20CFGG


Questions about our Saft batteries?

Saft is just one of the many brands offering lithium batteries. To make the right choice from the wide range, our experienced staff will be happy to provide you with expert and reliable advice. Elfa batteries are supplied to a wide range of companies and organisations. These include shipchandlers, electro-technical wholesalers, OEMs, the military, fire brigade, police, professional end-users, the rail industry and the medical industry.


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So feel free to contact us for more information and technical advice. It is best to contact us early on in the development process. In this way we can ensure together that the long service life is well matched to the available space in the hardware design.


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