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In addition to consumer batteries, Duracell also produces premium products for the business market under the name Procell. These products are characterized by the fact that they are specifically aimed at professional users.




Procell Constant batteriesProcell Intense batteries



Procell Constant                                                              Procell Intense


The development of Procell

Expertise in professional devices has been used to develop these batteries, as well as longer life and technical expertise aimed at the B2B market. By means of “research and development” further steps have been taken within this product category. In September 2019, Duracell presented its new industrial line of alkaline batteries: Procell. These batteries are the replacement for the ‘Industrial by Duracell’. In addition to the Procell ‘Constant’ batteries, the Procell ‘Intense Power’ batteries have been added since June 2020. This makes Duracell the world’s first brand to offer a dual portfolio of professional batteries.


Procell Constant

The Procell Constant batteries are industrial alkaline batteries designed specifically for best performance in professional devices such as smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, alarm panels, remote controls, wireless mice and keyboards, motion sensors and flushers. The batteries are conveniently packaged in packs of 10 aimed at professional users. The Procell Constant batteries are available in AAA, AA, C, D, 9V and 4.5V cube, or ‘the big six’. Below you can see the Procell Constant AA.


Procell alkaline batterij


Duracell Procell Alkaline battery 1,5V LR06 AA

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Intense Power

Procell Intense Power batteries are specially designed to last longer (compared to previous Duracell industrial alkaline batteries) in high-consumption professional devices that require a lot of power or peak power, such as electronic door locks, soap dispensers or security cameras. These batteries have up to 30% longer life in high-consumption professional devices, resulting in fewer battery replacements and thus cost savings associated with battery replacement. The Procell Intense Power are made on the basis of a high-quality cell construction. Each battery comes with a quality guarantee. Design, safety, manufacturing and qualification meet Procell’s stringent battery requirements, which are based on ANSI and IEC battery standards.


Procell is used by manufacturers worldwide: Procell alkaline batteries have been developed in collaboration with manufacturers to ensure optimum performance in professional devices. Below is an overview of the different batteries and their applications.


Procell General Purpose and Procell Intense Power Applications


Our product range

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