Varta stands for “Made in Germany”. The brand has been bringing quality and expertise for 130 years and is therefore proudly marketed by Elfa in the Netherlands. Varta is Germany’s only producer of consumer batteries. In addition to these consumer batteries, it also offers rechargeable batteries, battery chargers and lamps.


Varta batteries; German quality in alkaline and lithium batteries

It concerns non-rechargeable batteries with the chemistry Alkaline, Lithium, Silver oxide or Zinc Chloride. Varta is the market leader in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and a major brand in many other European countries. This is not surprising, because the Varta batteries have a particularly high quality.


Innovation and tradition have made VARTA great. The brand identifies new market developments and customer needs at an early stage and offers new and innovative power solutions. Varta always ensures that it meets quality and environmental management standards. It is well known that Neil Armstrong was the first man to speak on the moon in 1969. But what few people know is that VARTA was there with him! The astronaut’s camera was equipped with VARTA batteries and therefore passed the operational test on the moon – another argument for having unconditional confidence in VARTA products.
Varta produces more than 1.5 billion alkaline batteries annually at the VARTA site in Dischingen. Of course Elfa keeps the Varta batteries in stock so that it can quickly meet the demand within its sales area. Elfa and Varta have been working together for a long time to meet the demand for suitable power solutions. Varta is one of the battery brands that Elfa offers. To make the right choice from the huge selection, our experienced staff are happy to provide you with expert and reliable advice. In this way you are assured of the right battery from the Elfa range. Do not hesitate and contact us for more information or a quote.


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