Panasonic batteries

Panasonic is one of the biggest manufacturers of batteries for electric cars. The batteries for the new Tesla Model are made exclusively by Panasonic in a specially built huge factory in Nevada. It is an indication of how big an innovative Panasonic is in the field of batteries.



A household name all over the world

Panasonic,a company that rings the bell worldwide. This originally Japanese company was founded by Konoshuke Matsushita in 1918 and has grown into one of the largest electronics producers in the world. It therefore has branches in countries such as Australia, Italy, Spain, the United States, the Netherlands and many more. The product range is very diverse, ranging from televisions and headphones to cameras and kitchen appliances. Products that provide energy, such as batteries, are also included. Panasonic batteries have been known for high quality for years and it is therefore not surprising that innovative companies such as Tesla use these for their own products. Elfa also has the batteries and accumulators of the Japanese electrical giant.


Panasonic batteries

Elfa has different types of Panasonic batteries in its range. Think about alkaline batteries, lithium batteries or battery packs or batterypacks made with Panasonic batteries. Watch the video and find out what parts a Panasonic lithium battery consists of.



Panasonic has plants in Belgium (Tessenderlo) and in Poland (Gniezno). Every year, more than a billion batteries are produced here. Elfa Elementenfabriek keeps large stocks, but can also dispose of stocks from these European production sites of Panasonic/Sanyo at short notice. The industrial batteries of the Powerline series provide a constant and reliable power supply in applications with high or medium energy demand. An example is the Panasonic Powerline Alkaline battery 6LR61AD1P 9V. This Alkaline variant has a long life. Panasonic offers superior quality for the industry.

Panasonic Powerline Alkaline battery 6LR61AD1P 9V
Panasonic Lithium battery 3V CR2

Typical applications for the Powerline batteries are cameras, flash and audio devices, remote controls and digital scales. The high reliability of alkaline batteries also makes them ideal for use in buoys and safety related applications such as blood pressure monitors or smoke detectors. The Lithium batteries of Panasonic are also recommended, such as the Panasonic Lithium battery 3V CR2. This battery is powerful and durable and performs well under extreme conditions.

Panasonic batterij


Panasonic Lithium battery 3V CR123A


Panasonic also has high-capacity batteries that are also resistant to more extreme temperatures. The Panasonic CR123A lithium battery 3 volts is a good example of this. This Panasonic CR123A battery has a very long life and is suitable for use in digital photo cameras, flashlights, measuring equipment and alarm systems. The battery is capable of delivering high power during temperatures between -40 and 70 degrees Celsius.


However, Panasonic also has other types of batteries such as the NiMH battery shown below.


NiMH batterij van Panasonic


NiMH batt 1,2V 800mAh HR1145 basic AAA HT


This Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) AAA battery (rechargeable) from Panasonic is the better alternative to the NiCd battery. This variant is less affected by the memory effect and also has a higher capacity.


In addition to NIMH batteries, Elfa also has Panasonic button cells in its range. They are often used in electronic equipment, car keys, calculators and watches. In our shop we have many different variants Panasonic button cells. Watch the video to get an idea of what parts a button cell consists of.



Li-ion battery pack: the Panasonic 18650

The Panasonic 18650 battery is one of the most commonly used batteries for lithium-ion battery packs. This is because the Panasonic 18650 is very reliable and offers excellent costs per kilowatt hour. Li-ion battery packs with Panasonic 18650 cells can be found among other things medical devices, industrial applications, military equipment and robots. A custom 18650 battery pack can contain battery holders, a PCB, PCM, BMS, cell balancing board or other components.



  • Long lifespan
  • High energy density
  • Little self-discharge
  • No memory effect
  • High power


Panasonic lead-acid batteries

Panasonic’s quality is also reflected in its lead-acid batteries. These rugged, valve-controlled, lead-acid batteries are designed to deliver outstanding performance. Also with overload, excessive discharge, vibrations and shocks. Below you can see one of the many Panasonic batteries from the Elfa range.


Panasonic accu

Panasonic Pb battery LC-XD1217PG 12V 17Ah L181 B76 H167


The Panasonic batteries are compact and thus save installation space, while still providing reliable power. The above-mentioned model is used in emergency power systems and lift trucks, among others. It can be used in any position. Due to its superior quality, it is a polar battery among professional users.


Sanyo is an electronics company that has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Panasonic since April 2011. The company supplies batteries for the automotive industry while also working with big names such as Volkswagen in the production of hybrid cars. Sanyo is also a pioneer in the production of lithium batteries. Elfa has various lithium batteries in its range from Sanyo. Feel free to view our Sanyo lithium battery range in our shop.

Get free advice

At Elfa we are very proud that we have the full range Panasonic batteries . We are uniquely able to compare these batteries with our other range and to give you appropriate advice for the best price and quality in the application you have in mind. We believe you will find what you are looking for at Elfa. We have all been able to provide large parties such as KLM, various hospitals, the police, fire brigade and the Technische Unie with a suitable solution. So feel free to ask us for advice by contacting us. Of course, you can also browse our range of Panasonic


So feel free to ask us for advice by contacting us. Of course you can also our range batteries or lead-acid batteries from Panasonic by visiting our shop. The easiest way to contact us is via the contact form below.


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