Battery Wholesaler

Elfa is a wholesaler and importer of accumulators, batteries and lighting. We have a large stock of many types of batteries such as lead, lithium and NiMH batteries. With more than 100 years of experience, we are the battery specialist for the professional market. At Elfa you will receive solid advice, a choice of all premium brands, fast delivery and competitive prices.



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Wide range of premium brands

In addition to importing batteries and a wide variety of lighting technology, Elfa acts as a battery wholesaler. We represent leading brands such as Panasonic, Fiamm, Saft, Varta, Lead Crystal, Hawker or Cegasa.


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From all these brands we can deliver a lot from stock. Ordered today, shipped tomorrow. Besides the 3500 different items that Elfa keeps in stock as standard, practically the entire range of all A brands can be supplied on request.


AGM batteries

In our wide range we have several AGM batteries from brands like Fiamm, Lead Crystal, Panasonic and Hawker.

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