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Elfa supplies a wide range of maintenance-free lead batteries from FIAMM. These lead-acid batteries are characterized by very low self-discharge and high power density. The robust housing is made of impact and shatter-proof ABS plastic.



Reliable maintenance-free lead batteries

The highly pure lead-calcium-tin lattice plates are corrosion and aging resistant. You can tell by everything that FIAMM has paid a lot of attention to R & D in its many years of existence to bring the best energy back-up products and solutions to the market. FIAMM batteries stand for quality, reliability and durability. This means that Elfa has included a very wide range of FIAMM batteries in its range.


The FIAMM batteries are suitable for UPS systems, but also for emergency lighting and traction applications. The batteries have a very low self-discharge and in an emergency they can be discharged deeply. A FIAMM battery can be used in almost any emergency power supply, partly due to these qualities. The FIAMM battery has excellent properties for fast discharge and is therefore very reliable.


FIAMM is a multinational company engaged in the production and distribution of batteries and accumulators. FIAMM designs and produces backup power solutions to guarantee the continuity of the energy supply to the critical applications when the power supply is interrupted. Elfa also supplies FIAMM batteries to, among other things, telecommunications, data centers, railways, power stations, petrochemical plants and parties that want to realize energy storage from renewable sources. FIAMM stands for extremely high quality. The quality system of FIAMM is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015, ISO / TS 16949: 2016.


If you want advice on the choice of battery technology or advice on the choice of a lead battery, then you can go to the Elfa specialists. More than 100 years of energy storage experience is available here. Contact Elfa for expert advice.


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