Batteries and accumulators from China
via Hongkong

Importing batteries from China, for example via the Hong Kong route, can look attractive at first. Quite often, Chinese companies offer products at low prices and advertise “fast shipping”. However, lately experiences have been different, shipments are getting lost or damaged, hugely delayed, and much more expensive, problems with imports, and approvals are not satisfactory.

Are you experiencing any difficulties with shipments from China? Perhaps ELFA could help you with its contacts, you are always welcome to ask!

Hong Kong route and delivery services

When you decide to use the Hong Kong route, also known as ‘Regular mail’, the products are shipped by container. This method is the cheapest option but also the least reliable. In most cases, shipments will take between 40 days and 2 months, and it is difficult to know how long you will have to wait.
Often Chinese suppliers also offer the option of using a delivery service such as Fedex, UPS and DHL. This method is a little more expensive but in return you get a tracking number that should allow you to follow the status. Unfortunately the tracking data in China is often not up to date. If a shipment is lost, it is often impossible to get it back.
Our experience is to let the production fully arrange the transport. This requires a good and regular relationship. As a result, consignments reach their destination precisely and often earlier than agreed.

Delay: customs and Chinese holidays

Chinese border authorities are known for having no problems with exports. If it comes to dangerous goods such as lithium batteries there may be a delay. For example, these items may not be transported by air. Once the package arrives in the Netherlands, the Dutch customs authorities will check the packages. The Dutch custom authorities charge additional customs clearance fees based on the purchase price (if it exceeds €22). This process can cause additional delays. Also take into account the peak in ordering for Chinese New Year in which the suppliers are often difficult or impossible to reach. You can find more information on custom clearance fees here.

A reliable domestic supplier

Elfa represents A-brands such as Panasonic, Fiamm, Saft, Varta, Tadiranand many more. We can deliver many of these brands from stock. Ordered today, delivered the day after tomorrow. In addition to the 3500 different articles that Elfa keeps in stock as standard, practically the entire range of all A-brands can be delivered on request. Our options may not always be as cheap as the Chinese alternative, but you get a lot in return.
The advantages:

  • Fast delivery
  • Reliable advice
  • Certified products
  • UN Certificates of Transport

Elfa offers A-brands, including


Would you still like to get batteries from China?

We are happy to help. For Chinese entrepreneurs, a relationship of trust with a business partner is more important than a contract. Elfa has many years of cooperation and experience with reliable Chinese partners. We can offer you honest information about the delivery times and take the responsibility and the complete import out of your hands.

Contact us for more information

As a battery and accumulator specialist, we are happy to answer all your questions. You could also take a look at our product range to get an overview of the different types of batteries from Elfa.

Unfortunately, Elfa only supplies to business customers. Therefore, we kindly ask you to have your electrical installer contact us. This way, we can still assist you. Thank you for your understanding.

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