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The Tadiran lithium batteries are famous for their durability and minimal self-discharge. No other brand has proven to last for 40 years. In locations where lifespan is of great importance and replacing batteries is complex, you can make a choice from no less than 161 different Tadiran batteries supplied by the Elfa Elementenfabriek.



Lithium batteries with a legendary lifespan

Tadiran lithium batteries are among the best quality lithium batteries in the world. Because of the very high quality standards of the brand, Tadiran lithium batteries are used all over the world in aviation and aerospace, among others. Today, they are also used to an increasing extent in consumer equipment including wireless alarm systems.


Tadiran is recognized worldwide as a quality leader in lithium batteries. Yet, or possibly "precisely for that reason", Tadiran is constantly looking to improve its innovative lithium battery technology. In close collaboration with clients and government research organizations, Tadiran is committed to developing new lithium battery technologies that further improve the performance of industrial batteries. Elfa follows these developments closely and ensures that even the most innovative new products become available to its customers.


Most wireless devices operated by remote control are powered by primary lithium batteries. Lithium extends the lifespan of the battery thanks to an intrinsically negative potential that exceeds all other metals. As the lightest non-gaseous metal, lithium supplies the highest specific energy (energy per weight unit) and energy density (energy per volume unit), which reduces the weight of the battery. Lithium cells also have a normal Open Circuit Voltage of 2.7 to 3.6 and the electrolyte is non-aqueous, as a result of which the temperature range is much higher than with water-based lithium batteries. Tadiran has focused completely on the development and production of lithium batteries. It produces both in the US and in Germany. Tadiran Batteries Ltd. is full property of Saft Groupe S.A. The Saft batteries are also part of the range of Elfa.


Tadiran is one of the brands in lithium batteries supplied by Elfa. To make the right choice from the wide range, our experienced employees will gladly give you expert and reliable advice. This way, you are ensured of the right battery from Elfa’s supply. Do not hesitate and contact us for more specific information, technical advice or a quotation.


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