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Product Range

Elfa serves customers from all kinds of branches for an unmatched range of different uses. As mentioned before, a solution can always be found from the wide range of batteries and lighting. Not in all cases, though. In those cases, too, Elfa finds a solution together with their clients.




Primary and secondary batteries

The primary battery and button cell range of Elfa also contains pre-eminent brands such as Cegasa, Duracell, Procell, Tadiran, GP, Panasonic, Energizer, Varta and Saft. In secondary batteries there are brands such as GP, Energizer and Varta and lead-acid batteries of Panasonic, Lead Crystal, Hawker and especially FIAMM, among others. The well-known chemicals such as alkaline and Lithium-ion are in stock, but also air alkaline and zinc chlorine batteries, for specific uses. Please let yourself be advised by Elfa in this. Of course Elfa also supplies related products, such as converters, chargers and service products.


Hand and headlights

In every range of lamps, Elfa supplies flashlights, headlights, work lamps as well as special lighting, e.g. for maritime uses. This concerns big brands such as Coast, Petzl, LedLenser, Jotron, Mica and Maglite. For use in explosion-hazardous environments a wide range of ATEX lamps of various brands is available. In addition to a wide range of personal lighting, Elfa has an excellent supply of work light with brands including Setolite and Led’s Work. Elfa’s specialists gladly offer their expertise to make the right choice from this huge range.


Knives and multitools

In addition to the traditional product range in lighting and power, Elfa started the distribution of knives and multitools in 2017. Elfa consciously chose for the manufactured products of Coast and Virginia Extreme. Adding this product group paved the way for Elfa to tap into new markets and develop further there.


Custom Work

Elfa also produces custom work. For this, Elfa combines its core range with its own production and assembly. This produces all kinds of battery packs. Besides this, Elfa produces all kinds of Lithium Ion batteries and can design and produce client-specific electronics. This is done in various production locations, including Amsterdam.

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