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Setolite's new catalogue is online!

Curious about the new products? View the new catalogue here


The new Setolite catalog is now online! Setolite has made enormous leaps in innovation and technology in the past year. This mobile lighting is therefore widely used on the railways, by defense, water network, at events, disaster relief and much more. Elfa is proud to be the exclusive distributor in the Benelux and the UK of Setolite.


Curious about the new products? View the Setolite catalog 2019-2020.

New rates Stibat 2022

Stibat has announced new rates for the disposal (or management) fee that will take effect on 01-01-2022.


For all products with a battery in (or separately), a disposal fee must be paid to Stibat. This is in line with international legislation and regulations (environment). This also applies to devices that include batteries (such as flashlights).


Stibat has announced new rates for the disposal (or management) fee, which will take effect on 01-01-2022. View the list of new rates here.

Elfa present at the NEDS

On Thursday 24 February 2022 (changed date) Elfa will of course once again be present at the largest business event for the Dutch Defence and Security sector in the Benelux: NEDS.
Read more about the NIDV foundation via the link below.


The Netherlands Defence and Security Industry Foundation (NIDV) is the link between companies, knowledge institutes and the government. Established in 1984 by the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Climate Change, Foreign Affairs and Defence, and industry, the NIDV ensures the sustainable positioning of the Dutch Defence and Security sector at home and abroad.


The NIDV acts as an information provider, advocate and service provider for the Dutch Defence and Security Golden Triangle.







The NIDV regularly organises meetings and webinars. During project days, for example, contracting authorities explain new and ongoing (equipment) projects and governments and other partners are given a platform to get in touch with the defence and security sector. The same applies to the annual NIDV Exhibition Defence & Security (NEDS) with speakers from home and abroad.


The associated exhibition is a unique meeting place for government, knowledge institutions and the business community, where young, innovative companies also have their place.


Elfa will therefore be proud to be present at this event again this year! Are you interested, are you curious? The Elfa team would like to welcome you at our stand. Visit us 24 February 2022 on stand number: G1.3.


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Elfa is looking for a creative Marketing Assistant

We are looking for a new marketing employee.
Are you enthusiastic, professional and strong in marketing and social media? Then we are looking for you!


About Elfa
Elfa Elementenfabriek specialises in the B2B sales and assembly of batteries, battery packs and dedicated electronics. In addition, Elfa supplies a wide range of pocket and head lamps and high quality temporary lighting. We focus in particular on electrotechnical companies, security companies, industrial companies, (semi) governmental companies and energy companies, but also on emergency services, the military, the maritime market and the construction industry. But also retailers, hospitals and care institutions.


The function and activities
As a Marketing Associate at Elfa, you'll seek out and take advantage of all marketing opportunities available to you. You work together with our Sales Director and Account Managers and create content for the website, socials and newsletters. In all this you make sure that Elfa can be found well online by our customers. You work independently and are responsible for all marketing related activities.


What are you going to do?
- Monitor the corporate identity of Elfa

- Further development and monitoring of the marketing strategy

- Devise and create content for our social media channels and website

- Managing the content calendar

- Devise and create advertising campaigns

- Support in maintaining and optimizing the website and webshop

- Supporting our SEO and SEA activities


Your profile
- Minimum HBO work and thinking level with marketing/communication background

- You have a fluent pen; you like to write

- Strong in marketing and social media

- Desirable: Experience with Mailchimp, WordPress and Photoshop

- Reliable, energetic, enthusiastic and professional

- Excellent in speaking and writing the Dutch and English language

- Available for a minimum of 32 hours per week

- You are good at performing your work independently

- Desirable: affinity with batteries and lighting


What do we offer?
- A fulltime position with a (rapidly) growing company

- Space for training and attending courses

- Opportunity to grow within the company

- A competitive salary

- Nice colleagues


Does this suit you? Please send a cover letter and CV to before December 2021.. For questions you can always Call Daan Schutte on 06 49 38 76 26..


Seto XPECT2 LED Lens Module

To test the extreme performance of Seto LED modules, Setolite immerses one of the modules in boiling water during an experiment.


To test the extreme performance of Seto LED modules, Setolite immerses one of the modules in boiling water during an experiment. An induction plate set to the highest temperature level is used for this purpose.


The XPECT2 LEDs operate at 220-240V when fully submerged in water. Despite the fact that the temperature of the water rises to 100°C, the SETO XPECT2 lens module continues to do its work!


The LED module lights up continuously when immersed in boiling water. Even when the module is immersed alternately in cold and boiling water, the 100% will continue to operate without damage.


Watch the video below demonstrating that the SETO XPECT2 LED lens module is waterproof and temperature resistant, even under the most extreme conditions!




Use the link below to view the Setolite product range:


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Elfa 100% CO2 neutral

Elfa has started a collaboration with Trees for All and offsets all its CO2 emissions for a cleaner and healthier climate.


Elfa was already energy-neutral and now is 100% CO2-neutral as well.

Elfa takes its responsibility to contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations.


That is why Elfa has started a cooperation with the Trees for All foundation.

Trees For All is committed to a healthier climate, restoration of nature and biodiversity and better living conditions by planting and restoring forests worldwide.

With this partnership we compensate every ton of CO2 emitted.














How does a CO2 offset for a healthier climate actually work?

Trees extract CO2 from the air and store it in their trunks, branches and roots. This storage can be converted into CO2 rights or 'carbon credits'. One carbon credit is equal to one ton of CO2.


We look forward to the positive results!



View the certificate below:




Do you also want to contribute to a healthier and cleaner climate?

Click on the link below for more information:



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Elfa invests in logistics facilities

Last week two employees of the company Logistore came by to install the new 'Masterdata Toolkit' and to provide training for the logistics and content department.


Nowadays companies and organizations are constantly evolving and are increasingly influenced by digitization. The optimisation of operational processes is a goal that we continuously strive for, as well as increasing our productivity. The idea is to work smarter and more efficiently.


That is why Elfa is investing in its logistics facilities by means of a Logistore measuring, weighing and scanning system. Using the 'Masterdata Toolkit' we digitally obtain the dimensions, weight, barcodes and other product data of our range. All the data needed to guide the article through all the logistic processes in a smarter, faster, error-free and sustainable way.


Watch a demonstration movie below:




After manually entering our own article number, the digital measuring tape scans the product's barcode so that the measurement results can be linked to the unique product.

When the article is placed on the digital weighing platform, you first scan the article using the digital measuring tape.

Like the well-known tape measure, the digital tape measure works with an extendable tape that is printed with barcodes.


When measuring length, width and height, the barcode scanner reads the distance corresponding to the stretched length.

These dimensions are immediately stored in the right place in our system.


In this platform, the weight of the article is also processed at the push of a button.

This data is stored in a folder for further processing by the content department.

FIAMM High - Rate Long Life Lead Acid Battery

Elfa supplies a wide range of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries from FIAMM. These lead-acid batteries are characterised among other things by their good cyclic performance and high power density. The robust housing is made of impact and shatterproof ABS plastic.

Elfa supplies a wide range of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries from FIAMM. These lead-acid batteries are characterised among other things by their good cyclic performance and high power density. The robust housing is made of impact and shatterproof ABS plastic.



Important for the well-known battery brand, the batteries act as back-up power solutions to ensure continuity of energy supply to critical applications in the event of an interruption to the power supply. Elfa therefore supplies FIAMM batteries to telecommunications, data centres, railways, power plants, petrochemical plants and to parties wishing to realise energy storage from renewable sources, among others.


An example is the Fiamm High Rate Long Life 12FGHL28 lead-acid battery. This battery is ideally suited to generate a high discharge current in a short time.

Suitable for air/sea/rail/road transport (non-hazardous) and 100% recyclable. Fiamm batteries are suitable for UPS systems, emergency lighting and traction applications. They can withstand cyclic operation and can be deeply discharged in case of emergency. This battery can be used in almost every emergency power system.




For an overview of the entire range of FIAMM, click on the link below. Of course you can contact us for questions about one of the many batteries in our range.


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Elfa in the spotlight at RTLZ

Pieter and Daan Schutte were interviewed for the TV program de Barometer on RTLZ.


Last weekend, Elfa featured on the television programme: 'de Barometer' in which entrepreneurs talk about their success stories, among other things.


Daan and Pieter talked about the rich history of our family business and how Elfa is preparing for the future.

As more and more applications become wireless, the demand for battery packs continues to grow. That is why Elfa is investing heavily in its assembly facilities now and in the coming years to increase production capacity and so be optimally prepared for the increasing demand for customised solutions.


Watch the interview below:




Elfa can provide a suitable answer to any question by offering a combination of a core product range supplemented by in-house production and assembly. Elfa also supplies customised solutions that are developed on a customer-specific basis.

This often involves modifications to existing products, but just as often completely new products are developed based on the enormous expertise that has been built up over more than a century. We have it, or we make it. Read more about our custom solutions:


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Coast Red Safety Light SL1R

Stay visible with the COAST-SL1/SL1R Red Safety Light, the different light modes and mounting options provide optimal safety where needed.




Stay visible to stay safe


The COAST SL1R safety lamp is seen as the first step to safety in many everyday environments, both at work and in everyday life through three different light modes. The lamp can be worn for general use and is designed to be worn where light is most needed:

Whether on a cyclist's backpack, a construction worker's helmet or on a safety vest. The COAST SL1R can be attached in different ways, namely by means of a handy clothing clip and safety helmet attachment (3M attachment sticker).




Would you like to receive more information? Feel free to contact us or read more about this brand via the link below:

More info about Coast



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