How do you recognise formats of primary batteries?

Formats are given a name and can also have a code. The names are more or less the same in all countries, although other terms are often used in common parlance. The codes are different everywhere, e.g. the international IEC code and the American code. Also each brand often uses its own codes. It is therefore often difficult to recognize the codes on packaging. The IEC code is the most common. The battery types are identified by the letters in the IEC code. Alkaline, for example, is called LR.


IEC-code VS-code Name Popularly Dimensions (mm) (diam x height)*
LR3 AAA Micro Pencil 10,5×44,5
LR6 AA Mignon Penlite 14,5×50,5
LR14 C Baby English bar 26,2×50
LR20 D Mono Large rod, mono 34,5×61,5
6LR61 E 9 Volt E-block 26,5×17,5×48
3LR12 Normal 4,5Volt 26x22x67


* there can sometimes be some tolerance differences in this.

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