From challenge to solution: energy storage for Roompot

At the beginning of 2023, Elfa was approached by Spie, an international multi-technical service provider, to participate in an interesting project. The goal was to supply and implement an energy storage system for 85 holiday homes at the recently opened Roompot Beach Resort Brouwersdam.


Roompot set ambitious goals in 2021: a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions and residual waste. Over the past years, the holiday park operator had installed more than 4,500 solar panels at the head office in Goes and at eight holiday parks, including the recently opened Beach Resort Brouwersdam in Scharendijke. However, after the installation in Scharendijke, Roompot received a notice from the network operator that the surplus of generated energy was not being fed back into the grid.


Therefore, the plans were changed: the holiday park now wanted to store excess energy to absorb peak loads and thus improve their energy efficiency. In this new phase, Elfa was brought in by Spie to devise a solution to the problem of excess electricity that could not be returned to the grid.

Choosing a sustainable energy supply without a historical usage profile

To support the fully energy-neutral beach resort, a modular lithium-ion energy storage system with a gross installed capacity of 264 kWh was implemented. Since it was a new park, there was no historical usage profile available.


During the implementation, assumptions were made about energy consumption at peak times based on benchmarking; imagine a scenario where the park is fully occupied, everyone has the air conditioning on, and all charging stations are occupied. The system is designed with a modular structure, which means it can be easily expanded if more storage capacity is needed.


Energy Storage System

Various challenges

During the implementation of the energy storage system in Scharendijke, Elfa faced various challenges:


  • Safety

The energy storage system had to comply with strict safety standards to protect the surrounding residents and guests/staff of Roompot from hazards such as toxic gases and fumes released in the event of a fire.


  • Lifespan

The energy storage system needs to have a long lifespan to ensure long-term energy storage. Additionally, the payback period of the investment made by Roompot must be taken into account.


  • Maintenance

The energy storage system must require minimal maintenance to keep operational costs as low as possible; this also ensures reliability.


  • Warranty

Roompot needs warranties and support to protect their investment. Additionally, they place great importance on ensuring the continuity of the energy supply.


Energy Storage System for Roompot

Sustainable energy storage for Roompot

Thanks to the implemented energy storage system, Roompot can store excess energy and use it at times when the sun is not shining or when there is a high demand for energy. Guests of the holiday park in Scharendijke benefit from a sustainable energy supply and charging stations for electric cars, which strengthens Roompot’s environmentally conscious reputation.


In the coming months, several similar projects are planned, including office buildings, healthcare institutions, wellness centers, and more. Although the solution will broadly remain the same, it will be tailored to the needs and user profile of each company. This case demonstrates how innovative energy storage technologies can play a crucial role in strengthening sustainable and cost-saving initiatives within the recreation and hospitality industry.


In the video below, we get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Roompot project in Scharendijke, led by Olaf Bitter, technical account manager at Elfa. As a technical expert, he was responsible for the advice, guidance, and supervision throughout the entire process, including the installation of the energy storage system.

Elfa is happy to help

We hope you have gained a clear understanding of the application possibilities of energy storage systems at Elfa. We also have saltwater batteries that possess excellent qualities for use in energy storage systems. Elfa can also assist you with this.


If you are looking for an energy storage system for a specific application or have a substantive question about energy storage, please do not hesitate to contact us. It is best to fill out the form for this purpose. We will then contact you as soon as possible.


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