Where the grid ends, Wattsun begins


Wattsun portable power station



Wattsun creates with its products a new opportunity for companies. Especially for companies with an electricity problem, Wattsun goes where the grid does not go. Wattsun’s portable plug & play battery system is the new way of working and helps professionals to carry out their work emission-free, more efficiently and more safely.


With global climate change a reality that we can no longer ignore as individuals, organisations are increasingly being held responsible for CO2 and the footprint we leave on the world. To minimise our impact, we need to innovate and find new ways to use energy on-site in a more sustainable and efficient way.


The demand for energy

In today’s world, electricity is an integral part of our lives. Everything businesses do requires energy. Most of this electricity comes from an invisible power grid. We assume that the power is infinite. For companies that work outside or on the road, this power network is often not available. To be able to use electrical appliances and machines on a building site, a wedding location in the middle of the forest or on a festival site or film set, a generator burns fossil fuel to generate electricity. During this inefficient process, harmful particles such as CO2, nitrogen and fine dust are released, and a generator creates a nuisance in the form of noise and smells.


In addition to the environmental factors, a generator is heavy and cumbersome and requires a lot of maintenance. To minimise our footprint, we need to innovate as a company and thus find new ways to use energy more sustainably and efficiently. Wattsun has the solution.


Portable power station

In 2015, Wattsun started with the first sketches of “The Wattsun”, the very first in the field of portable battery systems. Wattsun chose the very high quality Lithium-Ion cells in an in-house developed battery pack and Battery Management System (BMS). Since its foundation, Wattsun has been working closely with partners on product development and industrialisation.


Elfa Elementenfabriek bv is 100% committed to bring this reliable, high quality, innovated product to the market and is very satisfied with the products of Wattsun.

Wattsun Dock


Wattsun dock


Wattsun Pack


Wattsun pack

The benefits

The Wattsun Dock and Wattsun Pack is extremely user-friendly. Thanks to the intuitive design and the simplicity of operation, anyone without technical knowledge can install a power point themselves. The shape immediately gives the user the idea that the modules are stackable. No matter how the module is stacked, left or right, it always works. The housing is robust and splash-proof, ideal for work on location. The Wattsun is also easy to lift, allowing you to take it along to any job. According to the Health and Safety Executive, the Wattsun is far below the weight that an employee is allowed to carry.


Wattsun Stack

Need more energy than the Dock can provide? Stack a Pack on top of a Dock. The intelligent control system takes care of the rest. Stack up to five.


Wattsun stack




Wattsun Dock+



Same look & feel, but even more intelligent


Charge anywhere, anytime

Charge the Wattsun Dock+ directly with the sun, the wind or in the company bus while driving. On the back of the Dock+ there are not one, but two charging connectors. The right connector is for energy from the mains. The left connector is connected to our built-in smart charger. Here you can connect anything between 9 and 48 volts dc. For example, solar panels, a small windmill, or the alternator of a car.


Charging in stacks

With the Dock+, it is possible to charge a complete stack of Wattsun modules. Plug one plug into the Wattsun Dock+ and the intelligent control system automatically charges the stack from bottom to top. With the Wattsun Charger 600, a Stack with the Dock+ and two Packs is fully charged within eight hours.


Charge and discharge simultaneously

Charging and discharging at the same time ensures that you can use the Wattsun at all times. Have a cup of coffee in the canteen while the Wattsun is charged by the sun. That way, you are never without power again, even while in use.


Instant fast charging

The Wattsun Dock+ is fully charged within 2.5 hours thanks to the new Wattsun Charger 600.



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