The life of primary batteries

22 March 2022 

Primary batteries, or non-rechargeable batteries, are still the more popular option over secondary batteries, or rechargeable batteries, in many cases. Especially in situations where charging the batteries is not possible. That's why primary batteries are often found in military missions, pacemakers, tire pressure gauges, IoT devices, watches, electric remote controls and more. How long primary batteries last depends on a number of factors. The main factors for this are the chemistry of the battery, ambient temperature and energy consumption of the application.


The chemistry of the battery

The first factor influencing battery life is the type of battery chosen, i.e. the electrochemistry. For example, lithium batteries last about seven times longer than alkaline, depending on which type of lithium and the brand of battery. More information on different types of primary batteries can be found here.


The ambient temperature

The ambient temperature in which the battery is stored and used has a great influence on the battery life. For example, primary batteries are generally best kept cool and dry. Furthermore, primary batteries have an ideal operating temperature at which they can provide the most energy. For alkaline batteries l gt is around 20 °C. When the ambient temperature is significantly higher or lower the performance of the battery will be less. Lithium batteries, on the other hand, can better withstand different temperatures.


The energy consumption of the application

Alkaline batteries are ideal when the power used is usually low, such as devices that do not use much power during operation or are used periodically, such as remote controls or radios. Lithium batteries are generally better at handling peak current and can have a higher energy density. Therefore, these batteries are widely used among others in medical devices, IoT applications and smart meters.


More info on primary batteries

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