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Panasonic is one of the biggest manufacturers of batteries for electric cars. The batteries for the new Tesla Model are made exclusively by Panasonic in a specially built huge factory in Nevada. It is an indication of how big an innovative Panasonic is in the field of batteries.



Panasonic: big in batteries

Elfa supplies a wide range of Panasonic batteries from stock. Not only the Lithium-ion battery mentioned before, but also alkaline batteries, lead batteries, lithium batteries and a NiMH battery pack of Panasonic. Panasonic has factories in Belgium (Tessenderlo) and Poland (Gniezno), that produce over a billion batteries each year. Elfa Elementenfabriekkeeps large stocks, but can also dispose in the short term of the supplies of these European production locations of Panasonic/Sanyo, which can count itself among the top 5 of battery producers in volume.


The industrial batteries of the Powerline series provide a constant and reliable power supply in uses with a high or average power demand. Typical uses are cameras, flash and audio devices, remote controls and digital scales. The high reliability of alkaline batteries also makes them ideal for use in buoys and safety-related uses such as blood pressure meters or smoke detectors.


The quality of Panasonic is also evident in their lead batteries. These robust, valve regulated batteries are designed for excellent performance, also in case of overload, excessive discharge and vibrations and shocks. The Panasonic batteries are compact, so they save installation space, while providing reliable power. The use of special sealing epoxies and a well-thought out lid construction ensures that the lead acid battery will be extremely leak-proof. It can be used in any position.


Elfa is proud that it can supply the full range of Panasonic. Like no other, we are able to compare these batteries to the rest of our range and give you advice for the best price and quality in the use you envision. Ask us for advice.


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