Home energy storage

In the transition to a more sustainable world, storing energy is key; hence, there is a growing shift towards renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. While these sources are environmentally friendly and sustainable, they have one major drawback: they are not always available when we need them most.


However, this problem is being solved by the emergence of the home battery; this is an innovative technology that could dramatically change the way we use and store energy.

Home battery

A home battery (also known as an energy storage system) is a device that stores electricity from the grid or from locally generated renewable energy sources such as solar panels. This stored energy can be used later when electricity demand is high or when natural energy sources are not available, think at night or on cloudy days.


The home energy storage system enables homeowners to optimise their energy consumption, become energy independent and even save money on their energy bills. Home batteries are therefore a revolutionary solution for a continuous, sustainable energy supply.

Benefits of home batteries

Implementing a home battery or energy storage system in your home has a number of benefits. Below, we highlight four of them:


  • Independence from the power grid

Home batteries enable households to be self-sufficient in energy to a large extent. This means that even if the grid fails, you still have access to electricity.

  • Cost savings

By storing energy during off-peak hours when electricity prices are low and using it during peak hours when prices are high, homeowners can save significantly on their energy bills.

  • Environmental friendliness

Using home batteries promotes the use of renewable energy sources, reduces dependence on fossil fuels and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which is essential in the fight against climate change.

  • Electricity grid stability

Thuisbatterijen dragen bij aan de stabiliteit van het elektriciteitsnet door pieken en dalen in de vraag naar elektriciteit op te vangen, wat de algehele betrouwbaarheid van het netwerk verbetert.

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Modern home batteries use advanced lithium-ion battery technology, similar to that used in electric vehicles. These batteries are compact, efficient and have a long lifespan. Moreover, they often come with advanced management systems that optimise energy consumption and extend battery life.

Cegasa eBick

One of the brands in our product portfolio offering energy storage systems is Cegasa. The internationally respected company from Spain has more than 80 years of experience in developing batteries and energy storage systems for professional and residential applications.


eBick ultra 175

The eBick ultra 175 is a powerful and compact energy storage system; making it ideal for small commercial and residential applications. With a high energy density, the eBick ultra 175 system stores a lot of energy in a small space, making it perfect as a home battery.


Cegasa’s energy storage system is easy to install and compatible with any 48 Vdc inverter, whether on or off-grid. Advantages include a convenient charge indicator, built-in wheels for mobility, no maintenance required and the ability to install in parallel (up to four).

eBick Ultra 175


GT Powertank

One of the brands specialising in storage systems for the residential market is GT Powertank, based in China. The company focuses on the development, production, sales and technical services abroad of lithium battery energy storage systems.


Megatank GL48100

The Megatank GL48100 home battery provides 5.12 kWh of powerful energy storage for homes. With advanced lithium-ion technology, it integrates seamlessly with solar systems, stores excess solar energy for use in low sunlight and reduces grid usage. Scalable design allows users to expand the system with additional batteries as their needs grow.

Megatank GL48100


A second brand in our product portfolio with energy storage systems for the residential market is FZSoNick. The Swiss manufacturer of energy storage systems based on sodium metal chloride technology offers several effective storage systems for storing excess energy from wind and solar installations.


FZSoNick ST523

The FZSoNick ST523 is a special salt battery designed for energy storage applications. It uses molten salt cells and is ideal for large-scale energy storage systems.


FZSoNick batteries require no maintenance during operation. The redundant Battery Management System (BMS) monitors extensive parameters at cell and battery level. In case of faults or short circuits, the internal DC switch automatically shuts down.

FZSoNick ST523

The future of home batteries

Thanks to continuous technological advances, home batteries are becoming increasingly affordable and efficient. Growing awareness of environmental issues and the growing need for energy independence are expected to drive demand for these systems.


As consumers and businesses continue to invest in home batteries, this will not only help reduce energy bills but also promote greener, more sustainable energy practices worldwide. The days when we were completely dependent on fossil fuels for our energy needs are behind us.


The future is bright and sustainable, and home batteries play a key role in this energy revolution. It is not only an investment in today’s technology, but also in a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

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