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Backup systems, energy storage systems or sustainable mobility solutions, FZSONICK has trusted and advanced products and accessories for your energy storage needs.



Energy storage systems for industrial use

FZSONICK, a pioneering brand in energy storage systems based on sodium metal chloride (SMC) technology. FZSONICK’s systems are used for a variety of industrial applications and help companies realise their energy storage needs through innovative solutions.


There are several reasons to choose FZSONICK when it comes to energy storage systems. Some of them will be highlighted here.



Firstly, the systems are extremely safe to use. They are completely free from risks of fire, explosion and the release of harmful gases. This makes them ideal for companies requiring the highest standards of safety and reliability.


Performance in extreme weather conditions

Another advantage of FZSONICK batteries is their exceptional performance in all climate settings. Whether it is extremely cold or blistering hot, the systems deliver consistent and reliable energy storage, ensuring that your business operations run smoothly regardless of the weather. Moreover, our batteries have a long service life, resulting in cost-effective solutions with less need for frequent replacement.


Environmentally friendly

As an eco-friendly solution, FZSONICK batteries contribute to the improvement of the environment. They are fully recyclable at the end of their lifespan, so there are no additional disposal costs. With FZSONICK, you can both improve your business performance and reduce your environmental footprint.


Underlying the quality of FZSONICK systems, are sodium metal chloride (SMC) batteries. See the overview below for a comparison with other battery types.



Parameter Lead acid (VRLA)  Nikkel-cadmium  Lithium Sodium metal chloride (SMC)



Short Moderate Moderate Very long

Long autonomy (Energy density) 


Low Moderate Moderate High

Short autonomy 
(Power density) 


Low Low High Low

Required footprint 


Large Large Large Low



 High  High Low Low



Moderate Moderate Fast Fast



Moderate Moderate Low  High

Battery management systems


N/A N/A Built-in Built-in

Battery monitoring system   


Optional Optional Built-in Built-in

Temperature sensitivity 


Very high  High  High Very low



Battery room Battery room UL-listed cabinet in a sprinkler equipped room Open rack or in inside UPS cubicle

Maintenance costs 


Moderate Moderate Low None

Upfront costs 


Low Moderate to high  High  High


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Ideal for demanding applications

FZSONICK’s energy storage systems are ideal for the industry. Within this market, they can be used in various fields. The fields in which energy storage products can be used are listed here.



Electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in the automotive industry. FZSONICK offers advanced energy storage solutions for this market, enabling efficient and sustainable mobility. The batteries provide sufficient power and reliability to cover long distances and contribute to a sustainable future.


ZETA 37 energy storage system from FSZONICK


ZETA 37 energy storage system for the mobility sector

Renewable energy

The growing demand for renewable energy sources requires effective storage solutions to absorb energy peaks and ensure a stable power supply. FZSONICK batteries offer the perfect solution for storing excess energy from wind and solar installations. By combining energy storage with renewable energy sources, we help accelerate the transition to sustainable energy supplying.


ZEBRA energy storage system from FZSONICK


ZEBRA energy storage system for energy suppliers


FZSONICK’s energy storage products are also of great interest to utilities. Utilities play a vital role in providing electricity, gas and water to homes, businesses and communities. In this field, reliable energy storage is crucial for stable power supply and efficient networks. FZSONICK offers solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of utilities.


FZSONICK’s systems help utilities optimise network management and reduce their operational costs. The flexibility and reliability of the systems allow utilities to reduce their peak load and manage energy demand more efficiently. This results in lower energy costs and improved overall network performance.


Moreover, security is a crucial factor for utilities. Fortunately, FZSONICK batteries provide peace of mind in this regard. The batteries are completely safe to use and free from risks of fire, explosion and the release of harmful gases. This allows them to manage their network and employees with confidence, knowing they have a reliable and safe energy storage solution.


UP energy storage system from FZSONICK


UP energy storage system for utilities


Reliable power supply is crucial for telecommunications infrastructures, especially for base stations and telephone networks. FZSONICK batteries provide an efficient and long-term energy storage solution to ensure that communication networks are always operational, even during power outages or when installed in remote areas.


TL energy storage system from FZSONICK


TL energy storage system for telecommunications


These markets are just a few examples of where energy storage products can be of added value. In any case, FZSONICK aims to provide solutions that meet the specific needs of various fields and contribute to a sustainable future.

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We hope you got a good idea of the added values of FZSONICK’s energy storage systems. If you would like to know more about the different solutions or if you have a specific issue, do not hesitate to contact us. Elfa will be happy to help you with your energy storage project. The easiest way is to fill in the contact form. We will then get back to you as soon as possible.


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