FZSONICK – the alternative to saltwater batteries

16 August 2023 

In the search for efficient and sustainable energy storage systems, sodium-ion saltwater batteries (saltwater batteries) have emerged in recent years as a promising solution. These flow batteries offer an interesting alternative to traditional battery technology. Besides the saltwater battery, there are also other alternative solutions available. In this blog, we focus our attention on a specific alternative: the sodium-nickel battery by Swiss company FZSONICK.


Saltwater battery?

Have you ever wondered what a saltwater battery exactly is? It is an alternative form of energy storage also known as a flow battery or a redox flow battery. The saltwater battery utilizes electrolyte fluids based on salt solutions.


The saltwater battery offers numerous advantages: scalability, long-duration energy discharge, and the ability to independently size power and capacity. The operation of the saltwater battery is achieved through redox reactions between electrolyte solutions with different salt concentrations, which are separated by a membrane.


These types of batteries can play a significant role in supporting sustainable and reliable energy supply systems.


Natrium-ion zoutwater accu 24V112Ah

Sodium-ion saltwater battery 24V 112Ah 


The alternative: FZSONICK sodium-nickel battery

The FZSONICK sodium-nickel battery made its debut in 1999 as an alternative technology with significant potential in the field of energy storage. Unlike regular saltwater batteries, the FZSONICK battery utilizes sodium and nickel chloride as electrochemical materials.


This type of FZSONICK battery is also known as a Na-NiCl2 battery or a Zebra battery. Thanks to its unique composition and properties, this Swiss-made battery opens new perspectives in the world of energy storage.


Operation of the battery

The FZSONICK sodium-nickel battery utilizes an electrochemical reaction process inside the battery cell. During the charging of the battery, electric energy flows through the cell, causing sodium ions to move from the sodium anode to the nickel chloride cathode. When discharging the battery, the sodium ions are returned to the sodium anode, releasing electrical energy.


Advantages of the FZSONICK sodium-nickel battery

The FZSONICK sodium-nickel battery offers several advantages over the saltwater battery. Some of these advantages include:


High Energy Density

Compared to saltwater batteries, sodium-nickel batteries generally have a higher energy density. This means they can store more energy in a smaller form factor, making them beneficial in situations with limited space.


Fast Charging Times

FZSONICK batteries can be rapidly charged, which is useful in scenarios where quick energy uptake is required.


Long Lifespan

FZSONICK batteries typically have a longer lifespan. Additionally, they can withstand a large number of charge-discharge cycles, making them a durable and cost-effective solution compared to saltwater batteries.


Temperature Resistance

The FZSONICK batteries perform well at high temperatures, making them suitable for applications where heat may be a factor.



Similar to saltwater batteries, FZSONICK systems are extremely safe to use. The product is entirely free from risks of fire, explosion, and the release of harmful gases. This makes the FZSONICK sodium-nickel battery an ideal choice for businesses that prioritize the highest safety and reliability standards.


More information about FZSONICK sodium-nickel batteries

While saltwater batteries have excellent properties for large-scale energy storage, it is essential to stay updated on alternative technologies. If you wish to receive more information about the FZSONICK alternative to the saltwater battery, our experts are ready to assist you!


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