What is the Stibat?

Stibat stands for Batteries Foundation. This is the organisation that coordinates the collection activities for empty batteries in the Netherlands. They develop activities in various areas to inform everyone about the how and why of the collection of used batteries. And this is done on a non-profit basis. Since 1995 there has been a legal regulation stating that used batteries must be collected and recycled by or on behalf of producers and importers of batteries. Stibat has taken over this task. A so-called disposal fee must be paid per battery. Elfa is a member of Stibat and charges you the relevant disposal contribution for each battery.


Stibat arranges the collection of batteries. Empty batteries do not belong in the bin. It may contain substances that are harmful to the environment, such as the heavy metals mercury, lead and cadmium. They harm the environment when disposed in the household waste. That’s why it is a good thing that more people return empty batteries. Separate from other waste. Not only the well-known penlite batteries can be returned, but also coin cells and the batteries in, for example, mobile telephones, photo and film cameras and cordless tools. Rechargeable batteries may last longer than single-use batteries, but at some point they also cease to function properly and must be disposed of responsibly. Handing in empty batteries separately not only saves the environment, but the metals of the battery are recycled for reuse (think nickel, steel and zinc). New products are made from this, such as zinc gutters, crash barriers, but also new batteries. From 25 million kilos of recycled batteries, 13 million kilos of usable metals were recovered over a period of 12 years! That is a significant saving on our mineral resources.


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