Electrochem lithium batteries

Since 1979 Electrochem has stood for quality, reliability and innovation. The brand’s lithium batteries are still of high quality and therefore a very good choice for professional applications.


History of Electrochem

Founded in 1979, Electrochem is a market leader in the field of customized total power solutions. These solutions must be able to be used in the world’s most demanding applications. Born from the lithium battery invented for the implantable pacemaker by its founder, Wilson Greatbatch, Electrochem embraces the heritage of quality, reliability and innovation. The invention of the Electrochem lithium battery has led not only to a culture of technological leadership, but also to a legacy of superior quality, reliability and innovation; It is part of the DNA of Electrochem.


Electrochem lithium batteries

The Electrochem assortment consists of several types of lithium batteries. A popular lithium battery from the Electrochem assortment is the Electrochem Lithium batt 3,9V CR D base 3B35FF. This battery is non-rechargeable, high quality, durable and has a long service life. These Electrochem batteries are suitable for use in exceptional environmental temperatures and mechanical vibrations. They have a high energy density of up to 915 Watt hours per liter. This is almost 3 times as much as a normal battery.


Electrochem lithiumbatterij

Electrochem Lithium batt 3,9V CR D base 3B35FF



The Electrochem Lithium batt CR AA 3,9V 3B24FF is a widely purchased lithium battery from the Electrochem range. This variant is often used in the defense sector. The battery has a long life, a nominal voltage of 2.9 and a capacity of 1800 mAh. The battery is also suitable for use in exceptional ambient temperatures and mechanical vibrations.


Electrochem batterij

Electrochem Lithium batt CR AA 3,9V 3B24FF


Another frequently purchased battery is the Electrochem Lithium batt 3,9V 15Ah BCX85 D 3B0075-ST U-tabs. This primary Lithium battery from Electrochem is powerful, has a long life, very low self-discharge, high voltage and the ability to perform during exceptional ambient temperatures.


Lithium batterij

Electrochem Lithium batt 3,9V 15Ah BCX85 D 3B0075-ST U-tabs



A customized Electrochem battery pack

It may be that our standard range of batteries does not fully meet your needs. A suitable solution is therefore required, and we can offer one. At Elfa, we can also produce customised battery packs. These are made specifically for your situation. Requirements such as dimensions, voltage, capacity, connector but also the seal are produced as you wish. Read more about the possibilities or watch the video below for an impression.



Customised advice

Electrochem provides customised battery capacity and management systems, chargers and docking stations, and power supplies for demanding markets worldwide. Do you want the entire range? Or do you still have questions? In the latter case, you can always contact us. Our experienced staff will be happy to provide you with expert and reliable advice. This way you are assured of the right battery or accumulator for your situation.


Unfortunately, Elfa only supplies to business customers. Therefore, we kindly ask you to have your electrical installer contact us. This way, we can still assist you. Thank you for your understanding.

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