Coast Zithion-X®

Elfa Element Factory has been the official dealer of Coast Products in the Benelux for several years. The leading US player in the lighting industry has launched a new, revolutionary product: the Coast Zithion-X® batteries. These batteries, rechargeable via USB-C, deliver superior performance for all your everyday devices. Thanks to their fast charging time and long life, the Zithion-X® batteries are both a practical and economical choice.

Coast Products

For several years, Elfa has added the COAST torch to its range. Like Elfa, COAST Portland is a family-owned company with more than 100 years of experience. The company produces a range of LED torches, headlamps, knives and multi-tools for both professionals and discerning individuals. With a focus on innovation and high-quality technology, they strive to make life safer, easier and more fun.


Not surprisingly, COAST Portland has grown to become the world’s largest brand for torches over the past decades. Remarkably, however, until five years ago, COAST torches were hardly available in the Netherlands and Belgium. This changed when Elfa Elementenfabriek assumed distribution of COAST.


COAST’s products are certainly not inferior to other major brands that Elfa carries. The only difference that really stands out is the price, which is considerably lower than other A-brands. Despite the affordable price, the quality is exceptionally high, as evidenced by the five-year warranty that Elfa and COAST jointly offer. This makes Elfa and COAST’s offering a unique combination of quality and affordability.

Rechargeable batteries, but different

Coast Zithion-X® rechargeable lithium batteries are a pioneering development in responsible, portable energy technology. These batteries offer a substantial improvement over standard rechargeable lithium and NiMH batteries due to their advanced engineering, resulting in longer usage times and a clear performance advantage.


Thanks to the widely compatible and proprietary COAST ZX Optimised Voltage™ system, Zithion-X® batteries can adjust their power supply, preventing flickering, overheating and damage to devices. This smart adjustment ensures that the batteries work efficiently in a wide range of devices, from remote controls to more demanding electronic devices.


The batteries also feature a leak-proof casing that prevents corrosion, making them not only safe but also durable. The USB-C connection allows the batteries to be charged easily and quickly – in less than 2.5 hours for AA and less than 1.25 hours for AAA – without the need for special charging cables or holders.


Each Zithion-X® battery can be charged at least 1,000 times, providing significant cost savings compared to disposable batteries and helping to reduce waste.


Benefits of Coast Zithion-X:


  • Charge level indicator: Each battery has a built-in indicator that shows the charge level; red while charging and green when the battery is full.
  • Built-in USB-C port: With the integrated USB-C port, batteries can be easily charged both inside and outside the device.
  • Overcharge/discharge protection circuits: For your safety, the batteries are equipped with circuits that protect against overcharging and discharging, reducing the risk of dangerous situations.

Product range and description


Zithion-X AA:

Ideal for high-consumption devices, these AA-size batteries offer robust performance in an eco-friendly package.















Zithion-X AA:

Small but powerful, these AAA batteries are perfect for everyday use in a wide range of devices, from remote controls to digital cameras.


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