Cegasa battery energy storage system

Since its foundation in 1934, Cegasa Portable Energy S.L.U. has evolved into an internationally respected company, with 4 manufacturing facilities and 15 international subsidiaries. The company specializes in electrochemical energy storage and industrial batteries.


Cegasa ebick battery energy storage system – a powerful and reliable storage solution

At Elfa, we take pride in offering our customers the highest quality batteries, lighting, and energy storage solutions. One of the many brands we provide is Cegasa. Cegasa is an international company delivering premium battery energy storage solutions.


With over 80 years of experience, the company specializes in battery and energy storage system development for professional and residential applications. On this page, we offer more information about the Cegasa ebick battery energy storage system and the benefits of their two key products: the eBick ultra 175 and the eBick 280 pro.

Battery energy storage system eBick ultra 175


Cegasa eBick Ultra 175 energy storage systemCegasa eBick Ultra 175


The eBick ultra 175 is a powerful and compact battery energy storage system, highly suitable for small commercial and residential applications. This system can also be used as a home battery, such as for solar panels. Engineered for high energy density, it can store a significant amount of energy in a small space, making it an ideal home battery solution.


If you’re seeking the highest performance in terms of safety and weight across all temperature ranges, without requiring special installations, the eBick Ultra 175 is the solution you’re looking for.


Cegasa’s engineers have designed this battery energy storage system to be swift, intuitive, and easy to install. Moreover, it can be connected to any 48 Vdc inverter, both on-grid and off-grid.


Advantages of the eBick ultra 175


  • The included charging indicator shows how much energy is left.
  • Easy to move thanks to built-in wheels.
  • No maintenance required, unlike other lead-acid batteries. This also reduces the need to replace the battery compared to most lead-acid batteries.
  • The battery can be installed in parallel and four can be connected.
48V_280Ah 48V_560Ah 3 x 48V_280Ah 2 x 48V_560Ah
Stored energy [kWh]: 13,5 27 40,5 54
Capacity [Ah]: 280 560 840 1120
Rated voltage [V]: 48 48 48 48
Maximum continuous charge: 175 320 450 500
Continuous charge [A]: 140 280 400 475
Continue discharge [A]: 140  280  400  475

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Cegasa eBick 280 Pro: a powerful and sustainable energy storage solution


Cegasa eBick 280 Pro energy storage systemCegasa eBick 280 Pr


The eBick 280 Pro is the most versatile lithium-LFP energy storage option. It’s the ideal system for on-grid and off-grid professional applications ranging from 50 kWh to 2 MWh. A modular, scalable solution that adapts to your needs and can be easily installed in less than an hour. This Cegasa battery energy storage system provides a suitable solution for the following applications:


  • Off-grid installations, industrial and residential
  • Blackouts
  • Insufficient energy
  • Self-consumption
  • EV charging support


With eBick 280 PRO, you can tailor your storage system based on your energy requirements. The number of modules can be easily scaled up, with each module adding 54 kWh. You set the limit, from 54 kWh to 3 MWh. eBick 280 PRO can be installed in parallel, series, or even in a mixed configuration (multiple parallel and series connections together). This enables you to work with voltages between 48V and 900V, using various power setups.


eBick 280 Pro Cegasa

Advantages of the eBick 280 Pro

  • Just like the eBick ultra 175, the eBick 280 Pro requires no maintenance.


  • Unlike other technologies that require battery replacement every 4 years, Cegasa’s exclusive LiFePO4 technology in lithium-ion batteries ensures the highest cycle count available in the market. This guarantees the installation can last 15 years under heavy work conditions and up to 25 years under normal circumstances.


  • With greater charge/discharge efficiency, the eBick 280 Pro can help you save up to 30% on your electricity bill.


  • The eBick 280 Pro provides a quickly assembled self-supporting structure that significantly reduces installation time and complexity. Additionally, it features a straightforward wiring system for swift assembly, providing an advanced solution with lower installation costs.


  • Designed as Plug & Play, both mechanically and electrically, the eBick 280 Pro allows easy module assembly and connection.

Switched-through Cegasa batteries

Electrical characteristics (data refers to a single module): eBick 280 Pro


Nominal module voltage [VDC]: 48
Rated capacity [Ah]: 280
Recommended continuous charging current [A]: 175
Recommended continuous discharge current [A]: 175


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