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30 April 2020

Together with Setolite Elfa develops the Gladius 3K

Maintenance work at Network Rail with the Gladius 3K.


In collaboration with Setolite, Elfa have developed a new LED floodlight for a long-standing Rail client. The demand for the new floodlight came from one of our partners in the United Kingdom who needed the lamp for maintenance work at Network Rail. The Gladius 3K has a high light output (33,000 lumens) but consumes around 85% less power than the halogen equivalent. The Setolite Gladius work lamp is special because it uses multi-colour LEDs which makes the lamp output much closer to daylight. The 3 LED modules each have differing beam patterns (each LED has a lens) ensuring an even and consistent beam at all distances. Click here for more information on the Gladius 3K.


The Gladius 3K

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