30 April 2020

Elfa develops Gladius 3K with Setolite

The Gladius 3K at maintenance of the British railroad (Network Rail).


In collaboration with Setolite, Elfa developed a new floodlight for a partner in the British Rail industry. The request for the new wide-area floodlight came from one of our partners in the UK who needed the lamp for maintenance work on the British railroad. The Gladius 3K has a huge light output of 33,000 lumens and it consumes about 85% less power than a comparable halogen lamp. The Setolite Gladius work lamp is so special because it uses different colors of LED (warm white and cold white). This makes the light color more like daylight and the lamp works best in fog, steam or smoke. Click here for more information about Gladius 3K.


The Gladius 3K

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