26 August 2021

Seto XPECT2 LED-Lens-Module


To test the extreme performance of the Seto LED modules, Setolite immersed one of the modules in boiling water during an experiment. For this purpose, an induction plate is used that is set to the highest temperature level.


The XPECT2 LEDs operate at 220-240V when fully submerged. Even though the temperature of the water rises to 100°C, the SETO XPECT2 lens module continues to do its job perfectly!


The LED module stays on continuously when immersed in boiling water. Even when the module is immersed alternately in cold and boiling water it continues to work 100% without damage.


Watch the video below demonstrating that the SETO XPECT2 LED lens module is waterproof and temperature resistant, even under the most extreme conditions!




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