3 June 2021

Elfa invests in logistics facilities


Companies and organizations today are constantly evolving and are increasingly influenced by, among other things, digitalization. Optimizing operational processes is a goal we continually strive for, as is increasing our productivity. The idea is to work smarter and more efficiently.


That is why, among other things, Elfa is investing in their logistics facilities by using a measuring, weighing and scanning system from Logistore. Using the ‘Masterdata Toolkit’ we receive the dimensions, weight, barcodes and other product data of our assortment digitally All the data needed to guide the item through all the logistics processes smarter, faster, error-free and sustainable.


Watch the demonstration video below:


After manually putting in our own article number, the digital measuring tape scans the product’s barcode so that the measurement results can be linked to the unique product.

When the item is placed on the digital scale, you will first scan the item using the digital tape measure.

Like the well-known tape measure, the digital tape measure works with an extendable tape printed with bar codes.


When measuring the length, width and height, the barcode scanner reads the distance corresponding to the length drawn.

These dimensions are immediately stored in the correct location in the system.


In this same platform, the weight of the article is processed with just one push on the button.

This data is stored in a directory for further processing by the content department.

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