What are the abbreviations for battery systems?

These are the common abbreviations for the battery systems. These are the terms that are universally used and you can also find them in this product catalogue. A round battery (see table) is round and flat. A P is the designation for all batteries that are not round. Many chemical abbreviations may therefore be followed by an F (flat) or a P, in addition to an R.


B = Lithium carbon monofluoride (low drain) BR
C = Lithium mangaan dioxide (high drain) CR
E = Lithium thionyl chloride ER
F = Lithium iron disulfide FR
G = Lithium Copper oxide GR
K = Cadmium KR
L = Alkaline LR
M = Mercury MR
P = Oxygen PR
S = Silver SR


An LR battery is a round alkaline battery. So a flat alkaline battery would become an LF battery and so on.

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