What are lithium batteries?

These are a particular type of batteries that have a number of distinguishing features:


  • Lithium is a good solution when high peak power is required.
  • They last on average 7 times longer than alkaline batteries.
  • Lithium works at temperatures of -20 to +40 degrees.


Lithium batteries are characterised by their extremely low self-discharge. The self-discharge per year is only 1% of the capacity. The voltage of this battery is exceptionally high. This information sheet lists a number of brands that produce lithium batteries and the various product variants that come with them. Lithium is a light metal with an exceptionally high capacity (3.86 Ah/gram). When lithium is mixed with other chemicals such as manganese or sulphur, the result is a battery with high energy, low weight, reduced self-discharge and the ability to perform under extreme conditions.


Applications of lithium batteries


Lithium is used in a wide range of applications, from mobile phones and microprocessors to large industrial workplaces such as in the oil and gas industry and in space.


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