Friwo, or fully Friemann & Wolf, is a 100% subsidiary of the renowned Saft and focuses on the military and civilian application of Li-MnO2 cells and batteries.


Remotely controlled devices such as smart meters and safety devices such as emergency beacons are leading to an increasing demand for small, light and powerful batteries with a long service life. These requirements can only be met by primary lithium cells and batteries, which offer a higher energy density compared to conventional technologies such as alkaline batteries. Among the various primary lithium technologies, the lithium-manganese dioxide (Li-MnO2) system with spiral electrode design combines the advantages of low self-discharge and the ability for high current and power in a single cell. This makes spiral-design Li-MnO2 cells the system of choice for applications with low average consumption but temporary requirements for high current pulses, even after long standby periods.


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