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For many years, Maglite has been the standard in the area of flashlights for professional users. Maglite flashlights are made from sturdy aeroplane aluminium and are weather and shock proof. These flashlights of Maglite are of course also available as LED flashlights.



American quality

The Maglite or MagCharger offers American quality and over 20 years of RD. Traditionally, Elfa Elementenfabrieksupplies MagLite products to professional users. It is among the best-known lamps used by e.g. the police and by emergency response officers. The Maglite lamps are fully sealed with rubber o-rings and the lamps have a self-cleaning switch. The classic Maglite lamps or flashlights are supplied standard with a spare lamp in the battery compartment. The Maglite amps are very robust and last long thanks to the high-quality technology. The lamps of Maglite are still made entirely in the USA. The company has resisted the temptation of outsourcing to low-wage countries, because if focuses solely on quality, just like Elfa.


The Maglite is made since 1979 by the American company Mag Instruments. The founder, Mr Maglica, started in a garage with a lathe he saved up for, making precision instruments for industry, aerospace and the army. Mag Instrument’s reputation was very good and the company grew fast. The idea was born to make a good professional flashlight. It became very popular with professional users such as the police, the fire department and technicians, who used the flashlight for their profession. The became the brand’s ambassadors. This way, Maglite became the most famous and best sold flashlight around today.


Maglite is one of the flashlight brands supplied by Elfa. To make the right choice from the wide supply, our experienced employees will gladly give you expert and reliable advice. This way, you will be ensured of the right choice from Elfa’s supply. Do not hesitate and contact us for more information or a quotation.


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