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22 February 2019

Custom signal post for NS

In partnership with machine factory Bosserveld and NedTrain Zuid, Elfa develops a revised signal post for NS.


The lighting has also been adjusted, so the signal post will be less sensitive to rain and snow and can be recharged more easily. This is made possible with a LED fixture with Li-on cells that can be recharged through an USB cable.


The signal post: a household word within the ‘rail world’

For years, Elfa has had the signal posts in its range. At the time, the signal posts were provided with an LED fixture of Nissen and an battery of Cegasa; the rest was mechanical. In recent years, the need for a ‘remake’ arose. The signal post had to become simpler, lighter and meet client-specific wishes.


The signal post 2.0, in 3 variants, have been given the required NedTrain numbers and are supplied by machine factory Bosserveld. We think we can safely say that the 2.0 has produced changes that benefit the user. Elfa has been allowed to contribute to the development as to the lighting and is happy with the benefits it gives to the people who work with it.


Also looking for a custom solution?

In Lijnden, custom solutions in batteries and lighing are produced. Contact Elfa if you want to see more examples of custom work or have a question yourself that requires a custom solution.


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