Corporate Social Responsibility

There’s more to the world than lighting and power

We like to think that we can make a personal contribution to the world in which we operate. Hence, we scrutinize the sustainability of our product range constantly; an excellent example is our strong focus on LED lighting and Lead Crystal batteries. Moreover, we encourage the professional development of our own employees and invest wholeheartedly in several charities, something we have never boasted about.

That we are mentioning it here on our website is not because we have done away with modesty. However, we have noticed that our choices can inspire other companies to follow our example. And that seems a noble ambition. Hence, we would like to name the two charities to support …

Doctors without borders

We financially support the medical help provided by Médicins sans Frontières with conviction; in addition, this organization uses our Lead Crystal batteries when doing their work, often in dire circumstances. For more information, please visit


We are one of the 600 corporate ambassadors of Oxfam Novib (in the Netherlands). That way, we support businessmen and women with potential in developing countries, and we get into contact with likeminded companies. Why don’t you partner up with this charity? In fighting poverty, Oxfam’s strategy is to help people help themselves; and we don’t mind helping them achieve that. For more information, please visit or