Coast HX5 Compact Focus.Torch pocket clip inc.1xAA blister

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This COAST torch fits well in the hand, is easy to carry in the pocket. Has a powerful LED and is made with high grade materials.
This torch of Coast (serie HX 5) is not rechargeable (Alkaline) is sustainable, for professional use and of excellent quality. Coast is the leading American brand in LED-torches, now available in Europe too. Coast produces innovative, technologically advanced products backed by a five-teay warranty that makes the users's life safer, easier, and more enjoyable.

belt clip
More Information
Light (lm) 130
Reach (m) 79
Length (mm) 102
Diameter (mm) 30
Weight (gr) 115
Number of cells 1
EAN MOQ 0015286207968
Intrastat code 85131000

What do fish have to do with Coast?

Actually, a lot. Established in 1919, Coast has called the Northwest home ever since Henry Brands founded the company near the banks of the Willamette River in Portland Oregon. Over the years, Coast has continued where Henry left off — making tools for professionals and those who work like professionals that make their tasks safer, easier and more enjoyable.